Rehab Centers That Accept Cigna Insurance In Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Rehab Centers That Accept CignaNow that you’ve made the decision to move forward with your life and enter a program for a drug or alcohol problem, you need to work out the financial details so nothing stands in your way of proper care. You can try to keep this cost down by choosing more affordable outpatient programs and facilities, but you can also get some of the treatment covered by Cigna health insurance.

Cigna Group Coverage In Pennsylvania

In the state of Pennsylvania, Cigna insurance company provides coverage for substance abuse treatment, as well as behavioral and mental health treatment, through its employer-based group health insurance plans. The following can give you an idea of options and costs you could expect through Cigna, but your exact coverage can be different based on which plan your employer has chosen.

What Do Group Plans Cover For Substance Abuse And Mental Health?

When you have a Cigna insurance plan in Pennsylvania, the benefits can vary by the number of employees in your company. Nonetheless, your plan will include drug clinical programs as part of the plan’s health and wellness programs. Some of the programs available in this include step therapy and narcotic therapy management. In addition, mental health and substance abuse are considered essential health benefits that are covered by all plans.

The specific group plan you have will vary. For example, one popular Cigna plan in Pennsylvania is the Cigna Indemnity plan. With this group health insurance plan, you can go to any doctor you choose with no networks or referrals. This plan requires a 25% co-insurance for substance use disorder and mental and behavioral health services, whether you choose inpatient or outpatient care. If you do not get pre-certification for any of these services, you will receive a 50% penalty.

Another sample Cigna plan is the PPO plan , in which you would pay a $35 copay for an office visit or a 20% co-insurance for inpatient or outpatient services with a participating provider. If you choose a non-participating provider, the co-insurance goes up to 40%, so it’s beneficial to stay in the network.

Whatever plan you choose, you will be responsible for a copayment or a co-insurance on your treatment, the deductible associated with your plan, and your monthly premium payments. The insurance company will pay the rest of the cost of care. Choose the Cigna plan that will provide the best fit for you in covering the treatment you are looking for while requiring you to pay the costs you are able to afford.

Get Help With the Cost Of Care

As you can see, health insurance can be the answer you need to bring down the cost of drug or alcohol treContact us to get the help you need.atment, as well as a co-occurring mental disorder. A Cigna health insurance plan will cover these kinds of healthcare services so you can re-establish a life of sobriety.

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