Rehab Centers That Accept Cigna Insurance in Oklahoma

For those struggling with substance abuse problems, rehab is an important step on the path towards recovery. One of the first concerns for many when considering rehab is the cost associated with care. Fortunately, patients can receive coverage through their insurance company. It is important to review individual plans to know what exactly is covered, as it can vary from plan to plan. Here is what Cigna patients in Oklahoma should know.

Cigna Substance Abuse Coverage In Oklahoma

Preferred Provider Organization Plan

The PPO plan offers you access to a nationwide network, which can be extremely beneficial for patients who might want to get away from their regular environment. For example, some patients might want to surround themselves with relaxing scenery when they enter inpatient rehab. The nationwide network can help you find the place you need. Since there is no referral requirement, you can also find the inpatient or outpatient treatment center that works best for you without worrying about wasted time and extra steps needed to secure the necessary paperwork.

Open Access Plus

The Open Access Plus plan from Cigna offers you considerable choice for your rehab needs. You can choose a primary care physician without referrals. This helps you control basic medical costs and helps you find guidance through an experienced physician. You are encouraged to remain within the network, which can help you control costs even more by giving you a list of inpatient and outpatient rehab centers that will come with higher benefits.

Network POS

The Network POS requires you to work with a primary care physician and receive referrals before seeing specialists. This physician, however, can be an enormous benefit for patients, as there are a variety of treatment paths available for those entering rehab. A physician who is familiar with the patient can offer guidance and support throughout the process.

Network Open Access POS

The Network Open Access POS plan provides you with standard in-network coverage while also adding out-of-network coverage. Although the coverage for out-of-network services is generally lower than those in-network, it still offers you greater flexibility in finding the providers who fit best with your personal needs.


The medical indemnity plan gives you the freedom and flexibility to choose a health care professional, hospital, or clinic without worrying about referrals or networks. This means if you find a licensed, holistic provider, you should be able to work with them for covered treatment. You also have the ability to save through the Network Savings Program.

Open Access Plus In-Network

The Open Access Plus In-Network plan requires you to work with providers who are within the Cigna network, unless it is an emergency. This is an important distinction because many substance abuse patients find themselves faced with emergencies related to their substance use. There are no referrals needed, but you are encouraged to see a primary care physician who can help coordinate your care and guide you through the different rehab options.

Cigna Choice Fund

With the Cigna Choice Fund, you receive full benefits, including coverage for inpatient and outpatient rehab treatment. You also have access to either a Flex Savings account, a Health Reimbursement Account, or a Health Savings Account. The HRA and HSA accounts are tax-free savings accounts that you can use to put away money for particular medical expenses. A Flex Savings Account allows you to put aside pre-tax dollars to cover medical costs.

An HRA can be linked with particular incentive programs for engaging in healthy behaviors. A certain amount of this money can be rolled over from year to year. This makes it easier for you to save money for certain treatments, such as outpatient aftercare therapy.

The HSA gives you more control over the account, such as saving for future medical expenses. You can use this money for benefits, such as covering the costs of prescription drugs. Medications can be very important for those in rehab, as they can help with detox, maintaining sobriety, and co-occurring disorders.

Cigna Consumer Advantage

This is a PPO plan with distinct costs associated with preventive care and routine or scheduled services. These coverage options are designed to help you control your costs throughout rehab. There are also health management services and programs, which can benefit patients after they leave rehab by encouraging them to remain on the path towards a healthy lifestyle.

Substance abuse coverage can help patients afford the care they need to achieve sobriety and change their lives. Patients should always review their personal plans or speak with an insurance representative before assuming coverage for a particular medical expense.

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