Rehab Centers That Accept Cigna Insurance In New York

The state of New York offers a variety of tools to help with long-term recovery after a loved one abuses drugs or alcohol. In New York, Cigna offers multiple group and employer programs to help you get the coverage you need to pay for your treatment. However, the details and options heavily vary, depending on the needs of the individual and the employer.

Policy Options From Employers

Cigna employer-based insurance options usually vary between two or three different HMO options. The policies usually cover most healthcare needs and concerns, including mental health disorders and addictions. The Behavioral Health Employee Assistance Program ensures that a company has the tools to help when an individual shows signs of substance abuse or a mental health disorder. The policies also cover most health concerns and problems as long as the individual follows any terms, conditions, and standards set by the program.

Group policies set limitations on the coverage based on the needs of the group. In most cases, the policies cover a percentage of treatment costs, like 60 to 80 percent. In New York, individuals often need a referral from a primary care doctor before seeking treatment in a specialized program. Furthermore, HMO policies usually require that individuals work with an in-network provider unless the policy specifically allows out-of-network programs.

Treatment In New York

New York offers a variety of treatment options and tools to address substance abuse. Since Cigna insurance comes from an employer rather than a personal policy, the exact details of the policy vary. Before selecting a treatment program, compare treatment programs, such as inpatient and outpatient treatments. In most cases, inpatient treatment programs cost more than outpatient programs due to the more extensive treatments that occur.

Behavior modification techniques like cognitive behavior therapy adjust a person’s negative behavior traits and helps eliminate addiction. Combine these treatments with holistic programs that assess and treat physical health concerns or mental health disorders. Treatment programs that evaluate the individual and create a personalized treatment program improve the possibility of obtaining appropriate recovery results.

Compare Programs For Recovery

When choosing a treatment program, to find one with excellent reviews and within the Cigna network of providers. Attending an in-patient treatment program usually results in paying a percentage of the treatment costs, such as 40 percent of the costs. On the other hand, out-patient programs usually require a co-payment, like $25 for each visit to the treatment facility.

Getting The Most Out Of Treatment

Working with Cigna insurance in New York offers the opportunity to make positive lifestyle changes, but only when individuals comply with the standards of the policy. Use the tools at for more information about treatment options or insurance in New York.

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