Rehab Centers That Accept Cigna Insurance In Kansas

Kansas residents looking to purchase insurance through the marketplace will find that they can receive Cigna coverage through an employer or if they qualify for Medicare. As with most insurance providers, the extent they pay for drug rehab or detox depends on the plan your employer offers. With Cigna, there are no cut-and-dry standards for coverage. Coverage for substance abuse treatments will depend on the plan, the location of the treatment center, and other factors such as comorbid conditions.

What does Cigna Cover?

If you are lucky enough to get Cigna insurance from an employer, the extent of the coverage will depend on the plan. Some Cigna plans offer a wide range of detox and addiction treatment options, especially if you also have Cigna Behavioral as part of your employer-sponsored insurance benefits.

Cigna Behavioral is a separate and supplemental insurance program that deals specifically with mental health issues. Although the program does not list drug dependence as one of the covered services, often drug abuse is centered on another condition such as depression. The person with the addiction uses drugs or alcohol to self-medicate and manage their symptoms.

Cigna Behavioral covers treatment for mental health issues that may be the core of the addiction, so treatment would include detox and therapy to overcome the dependence, as well. This is known as dual diagnosis treatment. Cigna Behavioral even deals with developmental concerns like ADHD and chronic illnesses such as diabetes. The goal is to provide behavioral therapy that helps control the underlying condition while learning to embrace a sober lifestyle.

Inpatient vs. Outpatient Care

One critical decision you must make is whether to get inpatient, or residential, care. Some Cigna policies may offer this advantage to Kansas residents, especially those facing detoxification from drugs or alcohol. It is likely that Cigna will defer to the advice of your primary care physician when it comes to the type of treatment they are willing to cover. If the referring medical professional suggests that inpatient care is the best treatment course, then Cigna may cover at least a portion of the cost.

On the other hand, if the doctor feels you can get proper treatment with the less expensive outpatient care that is probably all Cigna will agree to pay. An outpatient center allows you to come to in for treatment and then leave to go home or back to work.

The amount of treatment the insurance provider agrees to pay for may vary, as well. In some cases, they may approve short-term treatment to manage detox but not cover a long-term rehabilitation plan.

Verifying your Cigna Coverage

Kansas residents will want to do their homework before signing up for drug treatment and rehabilitation. Since Cigna is not offered via the marketplace, the extent of the coverage will depend on the plan your employer offers. Since the Affordable Care Act, policies are provided in metal levels. The level determines the extent of your contribution towards the cost of health care including addiction treatment. If your business offers the lowest level Bronze plan, then you may have to pay 60 percent of the treatment costs. A Platinum plan will mean there is less out-of-pocket expense.

Different level plans may cover different services, as well. For instance, the Bronze plan may offer only detox while a Silver policy covers more. The best way to know what Cigna will pay is to contact the company directly for advice or sit down with the insurance representative in human resources.

It is likely that Cigna will require the treatment facility to get approval before any service is provided. Make sure your primary care physician and the treatment center contacts the company for verification before starting treatment. And remember, contact us at for help getting into treatment or for specific information on an insurance plan that is right for you.

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