Rehab Centers That Accept Cigna Insurance In Idaho

Idaho Rehab Centers That Accept CignaHave you decided you’re ready to enter a drug or alcohol rehab program, but now you’re concerned about being able to pay for it? While there are luxury facilities that are difficult for many people to afford, there are also many reasonable options that can help you get the care you need. In addition, a health insurance plan generally covers substance abuse and mental health treatments, so you can rely on it for a portion of your treatment costs. Consider Cigna as your insurer in Idaho, partnering with you to get you the help you’re ready for.

Idaho Cigna Coverage

What health insurance options are available to you in Idaho? In this state, Cigna offers group health insurance plans that you could potentially sign up for through your employer. Discuss your options with your employer to see if there are different available plans you can choose from. Your plan should cover part of your treatment and require you to pay monthly premiums, a deductible amount and the rest of the treatment cost. Your specific plan will determine how much you spend and how much the plan covers.

Cigna Behavioral Health Offerings

Cigna has a specific portion of its company devoted to behavioral health. Cigna allows you to search its network of psychiatrists and other mental health professionals to find one that fits your needs. Plans have health and wellness programs that often include rehab programs. Also, individual and small group plans need to cover substance abuse and mental health treatment through health care reform because they are thought of as essential health benefits. In addition, you might even be able to take advantage of free counseling sessions through an Employee Assistance Program with Cigna.

Plan Coverage in Idaho

The exact benefits you can expect will depend on the specific Cigna plan you have through your employer. Nonetheless, this page can offer a notion of what your coverage could include. With a sample PPO plan through Cigna, the anticipated cost of care on your part would be a 20 percent co-insurance if you go to an outpatient or inpatient facility, or a $35 copay if you choose an office visit instead. These costs are for in-network providers. If you have a health professional or facility in mind outside of Cigna’s set network, your cost would rise to 40 percent as the co-insurance. Remember that this is a sample, so you would need to look at your actual plan for the exact portion you would pay.

You might also be able to get an indemnity plan through Cigna in Idaho. This plan requires you to pay a 25 percent co-insurance for substance abuse treatment, as well as for mental health and behavioral health. This is the same whether you go to an outpatient program or inpatient care. You also usually need to get pre-certification for these services to keep the cost down. This flexible plan allows you to visit any health professional; you don’t need to get referrals or follow a network.

These plans should give you an idea of how Cigna could help cover part of your drug rehab treatment costs. You would also be responsible for the deductible for your plan. When you are choosing between different plan options, you will want to carefully consider the amounts you would be expected to pay for monthly premiums, copays and co-insurance, and the deductible in relation to what the plan will cover. Once you have coverage, make sure to follow the plan’s guidelines as to which professionals and facilities are covered, and whether you need to stay in a network or not. Doing this will help you keep the costs down.

Choose Cigna to Help With Your Treatment Costs

When you rely on your Cigna health insurance plan, you will be able to cut the price of drug or alcohol treatment. Taking advantage of your plan’s behavioral health benefits is a great way to go for office visits, outpatient programs or inpatient services with reliable mental health professionals that can help you get your life back on track. Talk to your employer about Cigna group health insurance plans you might be able to sign up for and contact us at for more information or help getting stated with a rehab center that accepts your insurance policy.Contact us to get the help you need.

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