Rehab Centers That Accept Cigna Insurance In Connecticut

Are you thinking of going to a rehab center that will help you with substance abuse or addiction, but you’re not sure about the cost of care? Just like it helps cover the cost of other types of medical care, your health insurance coverage can help you pay for part of the cost of various types of drug or alcohol treatment programs. If you already have a plan, check your coverage to see if this type of treatment is covered. Otherwise, you could look into getting a plan that will cover you and help you get the care you need, both for substance abuse and mental health needs. Cigna offers a number of plans in Connecticut that cover this type of treatment.

Cigna Insurance Coverage in Connecticut

In the state of Connecticut, Cigna offers one plan under each of the following levels: bronze, silver and gold. Within individual health care plans, these metallic levels designate the balance of costs between you and the health insurance company. If you choose a bronze level plan, expect to have lower premiums each month but to pay for more of your health care services. With a gold level plan, you would generally spend more on premiums but less on health care services. Your part of the cost of care will be in the form of the deductible and copays or co-insurance, and then the insurance plan will cover the rest.

The three different plans through Cigna all cover substance abuse treatment, in addition to mental and behavioral health needs, which is helpful if you have a co-occurring mental disorder along with a substance use disorder. All of the plans are Open Access Plus plans, which provide more affordable costs if you go to providers in the network. Nonetheless, they still allow you to go outside the network at a higher cost to you, which is a nice option if you prefer a health professional or facility that is outside the network.

Cigna Plan Benefits

Through Cigna in Connecticut, the bronze level has the Cigna OAP Health Savings 6000 plan. If you stay in the network, the cost of office visits, inpatient care, and outpatient care is a 30 percent co-insurance on your part. Expect a co-insurance of 50 percent for providers that are outside the network, in addition to pre-authorization for out-of-network inpatient care.

The silver level plan is the Cigna OAP Health Savings 2750 plan. For office visits, as well as inpatient and outpatient programs, you cover a 15 percent co-insurance for providers in the network or a 50 percent co-insurance for ones outside of it. You need to get authorization in advance if you plan to enter an inpatient treatment program.

At the gold level, you have the Cigna OAP Flex 1000 plan. This plan comes with the same co-insurance percents for in-network and out-of-network providers as the silver plan option, which is a 15 percent co-insurance for in-network providers or a 50 percent co-insurance for out-of-network providers. The difference is the deductible.

Choose the plan that will help you get the care you need at a price you can afford for monthly premiums and treatment payments.

Use Health Insurance for More Affordable Treatment

When you choose types of treatment and providers that your Cigna plan covers, you will gain the benefit of more affordable treatment. You can further cut your costs by choosing office visits or outpatient programs, which are more affordable than inpatient care. Nonetheless, choose the type of care and provider that you think will give you the best results for recovery. After all, your health and a fulfilling life without a substance controlling it are the most important.

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