Rehab Centers That Accept Cigna Insurance In Arizona

Arizona Rehab Centers That Accept CignaResidents of Arizona with Cigna insurance coverage may have benefits for treatment for substance abuse. Cigna offers coverage for substance abuse treatment, including rehab centers and outpatient programs. With multiple high quality treatment facilities located throughout Arizona that accept Cigna health insurance, any Cigna insurance holder within Arizona will likely find the right program for their recovery.

Types of Covered Substance Abuse Treatment

Cigna’s health insurance programs provide a 15 percent co-insurance cost when using an in-network provider. According to Cigna’s information, visiting your primary care physician may result in a referral to an inpatient or outpatient program for those struggling with substance abuse. A doctor’s referral may be required to ensure everything is covered.

Tailored treatment is the best way to ensure lasting sobriety. Both inpatient and outpatient programs will typically include:

12-step programs
Group therapy
Family therapy
Medical care
Individual counseling

Do I Need an Inpatient or Outpatient Program?

Will you benefit form an inpatient or outpatient procedure? Working with your doctor and substance abuse specialist will help determine which program will be ideal for you. There are a number of factors that will be discussed:

How much family support you have
Your living situation
Your mental health
The severity of substance abuse

Each of these items will be considered by your doctor. The severity of substance abuse is typically the most important item. Oftentimes, severe substance abuse issues will greatly benefit from at least a limited stay in an inpatient program to aid in managing withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal can be aided with medical detox, which Cigna usually covers to an extent.

With an inpatient program, you’ll be sleeping in the facility and going through counseling and education during the day. These programs are great for those who have tried outpatient programs with limited success. Inpatient programs have special coverage under Cigna’s various healthcare plans which often come with a copay amount daily or a one-time fee to be met before benefits cover the remainder of your stay.

What About Outpatient Programs?

These programs are administered by hospital clinics, mental health clinics, counselor’s offices or health department offices. You won’t be staying overnight, meaning that as you’re going through withdrawals and pursuing recovery, you’ll still have to handle the daily challenges of life. Fortunately, this means that you’ll be building the skills needed to achieve lasting sobriety.

Standard outpatient treatment programs consist of 1 or 2 therapy sessions a week, typically a combination of group and individual counseling. Treatment may take several years, but the substance abuse counselors you’ll be working with will help schedule around the rest of your busy life.

Insurance coverage for outpatient programs is generally higher and allows for more single visits during a calendar year. Outpatient group therapies usually fall under the same coverage, as well as therapies for mental health issues that coincide with your addiction.

A Commitment to Sobriety is Required

Contact us to get the help you need.Whether you pursue an inpatient or outpatient program, you’ll need to make a firm commitment to pursuing a sober life. With Cigna’s insurance coverage, you’ll have the financial support to make it happen. Yet, you will still need to put forth conscious effort on your recovery efforts. The treatment you receive will impart the required skills to help you along the path of recovery.

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