Rehab Centers That Accept BCBS Insurance In Washington, D.C.

For patients struggling with a substance abuse problem, finding the financial resources to go through rehab can be an obstacle to recovery. After all, patients usually require detox, an inpatient or outpatient program, and after therapy. This process comes with an intimidating price tag. Fortunately, patients in Washington D.C. and their families can receive some degree of coverage Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Blue Cross Blue Shield Substance Abuse Coverage In Washington, DC

Those who have Blue Cross Blue Shield coverage in DC will receive their plans through CareFirst. These plans are broken into Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum levels. Higher level plans (like Platinum) cover more of your rehabilitation, but have higher premiums. For Platinum plans, an average of 90 percent of care will be covered, then 80 percent for Gold, 70 percent for Silver, and 60 percent for Bronze.

There are a number of overarching similarities throughout all of the available plans. The differences lie in the amount of coinsurance or copayments charged for particular procedures, as well as the size of the deductible.

Emergency Room Care

For many people struggling with substance abuse problems, emergency room care is an important part of recovery. The abuse of many substances can be dangerous, both for the patient and those around them. it is not uncommon for patients to find themselves needed emergency treatment before officially entering treatment. Some of the plans available on all levels have a coinsurance or copayment due for emergency room care. On certain plans, this charge will be waived if the patient is admitted. There are also a couple plans where there is no charge once the deductible.


Prescription drugs can play an important role in the recovery of many patients. Some will find themselves needing medications to help them safely detox from their substance of choice. Others will need them to help treat co occurring disorders, such as anxiety or depression. Regardless of the reason, patients and their doctors should be familiar with the coverage rates for the desired medication. Most drugs are covered with a copayment, although some have a coinsurance rate or no charge after the deductible.

Inpatient And Outpatient Treatment

Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, all insurance plans must cover substance abuse services, although the levels of coverage might vary. In Washington, DC, the CareFirst plans listed have a variety of payment options. Some have no charge for outpatient treatment after the deductible. Others have a coinsurance or copayment due. Thankfully, inpatient care is almost always covered with a copayment, though some have coinsurance rates.

Alternative Treatment

Many patients turn to alternative treatments to help them better cope with the physical and psychological impact of the rehab process. Chiropractic treatment is covered under CareFirst treatment, but only spinal alignments.

Out-Of-Network Coverage

Most of the CareFirst plans do not offer out-of-network coverage. While this does limit the number of providers and facilities available to patients, many will find that this makes the process of selecting the right treatment center easier. There are a few that offer this coverage, but patients will be charged more out-of-pocket when they go outside the network. With out-of-network coverage, however, patients can focus on finding the best inpatient or outpatient treatment center to fit their needs.

For those struggling with substance abuse, finding the right rehab program can make an enormous difference for their health. Those interested in beginning treatment should review this information and find rehab centers in their area that can help them take the first steps towards recovery. They should also contact our helpful counselors at to learn more.

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