Rehab Centers That Accept BCBS Insurance In Vermont

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Rehab Centers That Accept BCBS Insurance In Vermont

Alcoholism and substance abuse is a problem nationwide and while it’s up to the individual to admit there’s a problem, for many residents living in Vermont, checking into a rehabilitative treatment center is hard to imagine. Why? Because inpatient treatment – largely considered to be the most effective form of treatment for substance abuse due to its around-the-clock monitoring and all-day care – is expensive. And that’s why health insurance is so important, and thankfully, Blue Cross Blue Shield offers some sort of coverage for such treatment.

Vermont Blue Cross Blue Shield Health Plans

As is the case elsewhere throughout the country, Blue Cross Blue Shield’s healthcare offerings in Vermont are grouped into three plan categories – bronze, silver and gold. Fitting to their plan categories, gold (80 percent) offers better medical coverage than silver plans (70 percent) do, and silver plans offer better all-around coverage than bronze (60 percent) plans do. For medical care that isn’t covered by the plan, members will have to pay for costs themselves.

Another thing worth considering when it comes to these plan types is that while gold offers better all-around coverage than silver and bronze, it’s also the most expensive health plan as far as premiums are concerned.

Vermont Blue Cross Blue Shield Health Plans Rehab Center Coverage

Blue Cross Blue Shield health plan coverage for rehabilitation treatment varies: for instance, the Bronze Consumer Directed Health Plan comes with a deductible of $4,100 for a single person. When it comes to inpatient rehabilitation, patients first must receive approval before Blue Cross covers any costs. After approval has been received, Blue Cross pays 50 percent of an individual’s post-deductible costs until they meet their out of pocket maximum, which is $6,500 in this case.

Conversely, the Blue Rewards Gold Plan, which has a low deductible of $1,250, only requires patients to pay $500 per admission for inpatient treatment costs after they’ve met their deductible. Meanwhile, the Gold Plan, covers up to 80 percent of all costs for substance abuse inpatient treatment, after they’ve met their $750 deductible.

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Blue Cross Blue Shield offers a variety of healthcare plans in Vermont that cover rehabilitative treatment that help an individual get the help that they need to overcome such challenges. For more information on Blue Cross Blue Shield health plans in Vermont, contact us at today.

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