Rehab Centers That Accept BCBS Insurance In South Carolina

For most people who struggle with substance abuse, rehab will be an important part of the recovery process. When a patient realizes that they need help overcoming this illness, working with experienced professionals can provide them with the support they need to get started back on the path towards health.

The benefits of rehab are many. Patients have access to medical help should they need it during the detox process. Professional psychiatric help lets them explore the factors that contributed to their substance abuse. And after therapy helps them maintain their sobriety by offering support throughout the process of reintegrating with society and beginning a sober lifestyle.

But these procedures must be funded and the easiest way is through an insurance policy, such as those offered by Blue Cross Blue Shield. Here is what patients in South Carolina should know about their coverage.

Blue Cross Blue Shield Substance Abuse Coverage In South Carolina

In South Carolina, Blue Cross Blue Shield coverage is at either a Gold, Silver, or Bronze level. Within each level, there are several different plans, empowering customers to pick the option that will fit them best. It is important to note that the higher a plan is ranked, the higher their monthly premiums but the lower their out-of-pocket costse. Even though the amount of the deductible, the copayments, and the coinsurance will change depending upon the level of the plan, there are still many similarities between the plans offered on each level.

Primary Care Physician

These plans do differentiate between a patient’s primary care physician and a specialist. For the PCP, there will be a smaller copayment, which makes it more affordable to see this doctor. Primary care physicians can be excellent resources for patients and they navigate the various options for rehab treatment. As these doctors get to know the patient and their unique needs, they may be able to make recommendations for different inpatient or outpatient facilities as well as providers.

Emergency Room Services

Many patients will need to use the emergency room either before or during the recovery process. Remember: substance abuse can be very dangerous for patients and those around them. The Virginia plans currently offered from Blue Cross Blue Shield generally have a copayment or a coinsurance rate. When patients and their loved ones know to expect these types of expenses they will be able to better budget for the treatment process.


Medications can be used to help patients during the detox process, which can be very challenging and even dangerous for certain types of substances. It is also common for patients to be suffering from co-occurring disorders, such as depression or anxiety. The options from Blue Cross Blue Shield are divided on a four-tier system that impacts their cost.

Tier 1 offers the cheapest access to medications – some plans have no cost for drugs on this level – while Tiers 3 and 4 generally the most expensive. Insurance plans will come with a list of medications that describe where certain prescriptions all on this tiered structure.

For patients working to overcome their substance abuse disorders, rehab and working with professionals can be very advantageous. Understanding insurance coverage can help patients make wise decisions to optimize treatment while minimizing unnecessary expenses. If you are interested in learning more, please contact us at today.

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