Rehab Centers That Accept BCBS Insurance In Puerto Rico

If you or someone you love has been battling the disease of addiction, then you understand firsthand how detrimental this condition can be. Not only does addiction affect the person who has it, but it also affects family, friends, and even coworkers. With proper treatment, it becomes possible to live a life that doesn’t involve drug or alcohol abuse.

As to be expected, going to treatment will likely involve personal monetary investment. Thankfully, if you have Blue Cross Blue Shield and you are a resident of Puerto Rico, you can take comfort in knowing that your insurance will prove to be of the utmost value. Here’s an overview of addiction treatment and the many ways in which Blue Cross Blue Shield will be of benefit.

Understanding Your Blue Cross Blue Shield Policy

There are many insurance agencies all across the nation that have policies attached to the Blue Cross Blue Shield name. In Puerto Rico, the insurance provider for Blue Cross Blue Shield is Triple-S Salud, Inc. There are three primary factors that affect your insurance coverage:

  • The way in which you acquired the policy — did you purchase it through your employer or did you buy it on your own?
  • Employer-based insurance will vary depending on the number of employees who have the insurance
  • The deductibles that you chose when you bought the policy
  • Does Blue Cross Blue Shield Pay For Detox Services?

Generally, yes. The exact amount, however, that is covered is determined by your exact policy. For example, if you were to detox in an emergency room, you may be responsible only for a co-payment. If, however, you were to detox in an actual detox facility, then you will likely have a certain percentage that is covered by your insurance, such as 70 percent.

What Types Of Addiction Services Are Covered By Puerto Rico Blue Cross Blue Shield?

Blue Cross Blue Shield is especially fond of inpatient substance abuse services, meaning it will more than likely cover these types of services rather than outpatient ones. Still yet, though, you may find that a certain portion of the outpatient services are covered, especially if they are recommended by a qualified medical professional. You also need to keep in mind that a higher portion of services will be covered if they are obtained by a provider who is in the Blue Cross Blue Shield network. When acquiring services from providers that are out-of-network, the portion of the expenses that you are responsible for will probably be much higher.

After you have completed a detox and treatment program, you will then be recommended to follow an aftercare plan, which will likely include:

  • Ongoing group therapy sessions
  • Ongoing individual counseling
  • Recreational activities
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy

With Blue Cross Blue Shield, you will enjoy coverage for these services as long as you have a referral from a qualified substance abuse counselor. Keep in mind that acquiring these services through an in-network provider is essential to gaining as much compensation as possible.

To learn more about the many types of coverage available for substance abuse treatment in Puerto Rico, please contact us at today. Our counselors can help you sort through this difficult information and find the coverage that is right for you.

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