Rehab Centers That Accept BCBS Insurance In New Jersey

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Rehab Centers That Accept BCBS Insurance In New Jersey

Substance abuse impacts personal relationships and lifestyle choices in unexpected ways. It often leads to severe health concerns and mental health disorders. When a dependent loved one shows signs of substance abuse or a mental health disorder, he or she needs professional assistance to focus on recovery goals. Blue Cross Blue Shield policies in New Jersey help address the underlying causes of an addiction and help a loved one find the right program for his or her situation.

Coverage By Blue Cross Blue Shield

In New Jersey, residents have several options to address substance abuse and physical ailments. The health policies by Blue Cross Blue Shield allow individuals to address the situation by seeking professional treatment and focusing on personal goals.

The policies fall into three main categories for individuals and residents: Bronze, Silver and Gold policies. Although the policies fall into three categories, the state does offer several options under those categories for different levels of care and various cost options. As a general rule, Bronze policies offer the lowest monthly expense, but have a higher deductible and out of pocket expense. Silver policies fall in the middle when it comes to price while Gold policies have the highest monthly costs with the lowest out-of-pocket costs.

Coverage varies significantly between policies, but the Gold policies usually offer the highest rate of coverage. For example, Gold policies usually cover a higher percentage than Bronze or Silver policies. The exact details related to mental health disorders and substance use disorders will depend on the plan and the type of coverage an individual requires.

Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield policies in New Jersey usually cover mental health disorders and substance use disorders for different treatment options. Policies usually cover a percentage of an in-patient or residential program. A policy can cover a percentage of out-patient treatments or it can require a co-payment of a specific amount, depending on the policy and the type of treatment.

Exceptions In The Policies

The exceptions in an insurance policy in New Jersey depend on the specific policy. Generally, exceptions apply to a specific type of treatment rather than a program or facility. For example, a policy can cover the basic treatments like counseling and cognitive-behavioral therapy, but it might not cover optional treatments like massage therapy. Evaluate the policy to determine the exceptions that apply to a specific treatment plan.

When exceptions apply to a facility, it usually relates to out-of-network programs. For example, the policy can cover a percentage of in-network programs, but will not cover out-of-network facilities or offers limited coverage when individuals seek treatment in out-of-network facilities. Limitations also apply to many policies regarding the duration of treatment and the types of programs that the policy covers as part of a mental health disorder or substance use disorder. Experimental treatments are not usually covered by the policy due to the limited research and information available about the recovery results.

Choosing A Treatment Program

Selecting an appropriate program for substance abuse recovery depends on the details in the policy. As a general rule, a Blue Cross Blue Shield policy in New Jersey provides a starting point for the recovery process. After narrowing down the options with the policy, an individual can focus on the types of treatments the facility provides.

Opt for a treatment program that takes a holistic or evidence-based approach to recovery. Holistic treatments focus on every factor that contributes to substance abuse, including physical ailments and personal belief systems. An evidence-based approach uses scientific treatments like cognitive-behavioral therapy to help with long-term goals. When the program also offers counseling, group therapy and family therapy, an individual develops a healthy support network and uses traditional tools to accomplish personal goals.

Facilities In New Jersey

Finding a treatment facility that addresses personal needs and helps with long-term goals requires the right tools and information. In New Jersey, Blue Cross Blue Shield offers coverage for substance abuse and mental health disorders, but the details in every policy vary significantly. To learn more about treatment options in New Jersey, contact us at Our professional experts can help you narrow your insurance search down to the right policy for your needs.

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