Rehab Centers That Accept BCBS Insurance In Nevada

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Rehab Centers That Accept BCBS Insurance In Nevada

The first step to overcoming drug or alcohol addiction is admitting that there’s a problem in the first place. After an individual comes clean, then there’s the task getting healthy. For those with serious substance abuse issues, the best route is to check into an inpatient treatment facility, where intensive rehabilitation is carried out around-the-clock for 30-120 days. And while inpatient rehabilitative treatment is costly, a good healthcare plan can offset some – if not all – of the costs.

In the state of Nevada, Blue Cross Blue Shield offers a variety of healthcare plans under its Anthem brand, many of which cover stays at an inpatient rehabilitation treatment facility.

BCBS In Nevada: Bronze, Silver, Gold

In the state of Nevada, Anthem plans are grouped into three different plan categories – bronze, silver and gold. Gold-level plans offer better coverage than silver-level plans, while silver-level plans offer better coverage than bronze ones. However, it’s worth noting that the better the quality of medical coverage, the more that you’ll be paying on premiums. For instance, while gold covers 80 percent of all medical costs (compared to silver covering 70 percent of costs and bronze covering 60 percent of costs), it has the highest premiums.

BCBS Rehab Center Insurance Coverage In Nevada

Anthem offers a variety of bronze, silver and gold plans to Nevada residents, many of which include some sort of coverage for inpatient rehabilitation treatment. For instance, the Anthem Bronze Pathway 5000 has a deductible of $5,000. After the deductible is met, members are required to pay an additional $1,000 and 40 percent of the remaining costs of inpatient mental health or substance abuse treatment.

The Anthem Silver Pathway PPO 3500 only requires plan members to pay $500 after meeting the $3,500 deductible. The Anthem Gold Pathway PPO 1000 plan requires members to pay $350 and 15 percent of any additional costs after meeting the $1,000 deductible for inpatient treatment services.

Determining what inpatient treatment plan is best for you is partially based on your deductible, as well as any other co-pays and out-of-pocket costs. For example, while the Silver Pathway PPO 3500 only requires a $500 payment for inpatient treatment, members still have to come up with the $3,500 deductible before the coverage will take effect. The Gold Pathway PPO 1000 requires more out of pocket costs (15 percent) but only requires members to reach a $1,000 deductible.

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Good health insurance can go a long way toward making inpatient rehabilitative treatment more affordable – and in some cases, even feasible. That’s why it’s important to know exactly what your plan covers and what it doesn’t cover. For more information on Blue Cross Blue Shield healthcare and what it covers in the state of Nevada, contact today.

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