Rehab Centers That Accept BCBS Insurance In Montana

Are you holding back from or delaying your alcohol or drug treatment because you can’t see how to cover the costs of care by yourself? Rely on a health insurance plan to take care of some of those costs so you are only responsible for a portion. When you have a plan, you can save further by choosing professionals and facilities that are covered in the network and by picking providers that cost less. And when you have a health insurance plan, you can take better care of your whole body overall, helping you reach an improved state of health. For a health insurance plan in Montana, consider Blue Cross Blue Shield as your insurer.

Montana Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance Coverage

The following covers the many plan options you have available to you in this state. There are also other versions of each plan with differing deductibles and costs, as well as variations for American Indians and cost sharing. The plans fall under metal levels, with the high-end gold plans covering more of your care costs but requiring higher premiums, down to bronze plans that have the opposite setup. All plans include substance abuse, mental health and behavioral health in their coverage.

Gold Plans

At the gold level, the Blue Preferred Gold PPO 001 PPO plan has a $3,250 deductible for a person in the network. There is no charge after you pay the deductible for inpatient care in the network, with the exception of a $200 fee per occurrence. For outpatient care, it is a $30 copay if you go to office visits or no charge after the deductible for other types of outpatient treatment. Outside the network, there is no charge after a higher out-of-network deductible, and you have a $300 per inpatient occurrence fee as well.

The BCBS Premier 1 PPO plan comes with a $1,000 individual deductible in the network. You pay $25 for office visits or a 20 percent coinsurance for inpatient and outpatient care, as well as a $200 fee for each occurrence of inpatient care. Out-of-network care is a 40 percent co-insurance and a $300 fee.

Silver Plans

At the silver level, the Blue Preferred Silver PPO 003 plan has a $3,000 in-network deductible for a person. Expect to spend a $30 copay for office visits or a 20 percent co-insurance for inpatient and outpatient services, plus $250 per occurrence in an inpatient facility. Outside the network, you pay a 40 percent co-insurance and a $350 fee.

The BCBS Solution 3 PPO plan has an in-network deductible of $4,500 for an individual. Office visits have a $30 copay, while outpatient and inpatient care has a 20 percent co-insurance. There is also a $250 per-occurrence fee, or $350 outside the network, for inpatient care. Out-of-network care costs a 40 percent co-insurance.

Bronze Plans

At the bronze level, the Blue Preferred Bronze PPO 005 plan includes a $5,000 deductible for an individual for services in the network. Your office visits would cost $30 for the first three visits, while your inpatient and outpatient care would be a 20 percent co-insurance. For out-of-network care, it is a 40 percent co-insurance.

The BCBS Basic 5 PPO plan has an in-network deductible of $3,750 for a person. You would pay a 30 percent co-insurance for all in-network inpatient and outpatient services, or a 50 percent co-insurance outside the network. In addition, there is a per-occurrence deductible for inpatient care of $300 for in-network providers or $400 for out-of-network providers.

Catastrophic Coverage

Another option in Montana is a catastrophic plan. The Blue Preferred Security PPO 007 plan has an individual deductible of $6,600 for in-network care. With this plan, you can go inside or outside the network. For both, inpatient and outpatient services have no charge after you have covered the deductible, which differs based on whether you’re going inside or outside the network.

You often need pre-authorization to be approved for treatment with your plan. In general, you have to pay your deductible in addition to the copays or co-insurance.

Choose Your Plan

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