Rehab Centers That Accept BCBS Insurance In Missouri

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Rehab Centers That Accept BCBS Insurance In Missouri

For many patients struggling with substance abuse, rehab is the important first step to recovery and regaining control over one’s life. Unfortunately, the costs associated with detox, treatment, and aftercare can seem overwhelming. Insurance companies do provide coverage for substance abuse services, but this coverage can vary from plan to plan. Here is what patients in Missouri should know about their Blue Cross Blue Shield coverage.

Blue Cross Blue Shield Substance Abuse Coverage in Missouri

For patients in Missouri, Blue Cross Blue Shield coverage is provided through Anthem. The plans available come divided into three categories: Gold, Silver, and Bronze. These levels are used to describe the percentage of coverage that you will receive. Gold level plans will generally have the highest premiums but will also cover 80 percent of your care. The Silver plans will have lower premiums and will cover an average of 70 percent of your care. Bronze level plans will have even lower premiums, but will only cover about 60 percent of your care.

There are many overarching similarities that are found in the current plan offerings from Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield for Missouri. You will find that as you progress from the Gold plans to the Bronze plans, however, that the percentages of coinsurance and your copayments will increase, even if the type of coverage remains consistent.

Alternative and holistic care

The plans generally offer some coverage for chiropractic care. This can be valuable for patients who might be interested in pursuing alternative or holistic treatments. Since these philosophies focus on healing the entire person, many patients find them beneficial for recovery.

Prescription medications

Medications are also divided on a four tier system. Most generic drugs are considered Tier 1, then most preferred brand medications are Tier 2, then most non-preferred brand drugs are Tier 3 and then most specialty drugs are Tier 4. Prescription medications are very important for the rehab process. Many patients find that they can help them throughout the detox period. Others might find them valuable long after they leave their treatment center for help with co-occurring disorders, such as depression or anxiety. Patients should review their own insurance information for greater insight about where their needed medications are classified so they can select the ones that will provide them with the necessary care while still controlling costs as much as possible.

Emergency services

Many patients also unfortunately find themselves in need of emergency services before they successfully complete their rehab. Substance abuse can easily cause potentially dangerous harm for patients, so it is important for patients and their loved ones to be familiar with the emergency care offered under these plans. All of the plans offer coverage. Some have a flat co-payment, while others will use a coinsurance payment.

Inpatient and outpatient care

There are some patients who will find that outpatient care is enough to get them started on the path towards health. These patients have generally not been through rehab before and may not have a particularly longstanding substance abuse problem. These patients also have a strong support system at home to help them when they get home from their treatment. Patients interested in pursuing these treatment options will generally find that most of the plans offer them coverage for a flat coinsurance rate. Depending upon the plan this can often range anywhere from 10 percent to 50 percent.

Other patients will be better served by inpatient treatment, which provides 24/7 professional support. Patients interested in this type of treatment may find that their coverage may fall under one of these types of payments: they may be responsible for a flat co-payment, there may be a coinsurance payment or there may be both.


A few of the plans classified as Bronze or Silver plans do allow you to qualify for an HSA. An HSA is a special savings account that allows you to put aside money specifically for medical expenses. This money can be used to cover costs such as a deductible or co-payments, allowing you to save for rehab costs. You may also also use it to cover certain types of therapy or additional outpatient treatments as aftercare after leaving inpatient treatment.

For patients who need rehab to help them cope with a substance abuse problem, insurance companies do provide coverage that can help them afford the care they need to recover. It is always important, however, to review personnel policies to verify coverage and speak with an insurance agent before receiving care assuming coverage.

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