Rehab Centers That Accept BCBS Insurance In Maine

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Rehab Centers That Accept BCBS Insurance In Maine

In the state of Maine, it’s estimated that about 9 percent of the total residents admitted to using an illicit drug in the past month. For many of these residents, this drug use is much more than recreational – it’s a bigger problem. What’s more is that the 9 percent in Maine is a whole percentage point higher than the national average. In Maine, it’s also estimated that four out of every 10 people who check themselves into rehabilitation do so to overcome alcohol abuse.

But the reality is that of the Maine residents that struggle with substance abuse issues, there’s many that likely aren’t seeking treatment – and not because they don’t need it or don’t want it, but because they cannot afford it. That’s why it’s important to have a good insurance plan for those that can’t come up with the large sum of money needed to treat a substance abuse issue via inpatient treatment. A good insurance plan will permit someone to seek the inpatient treatment that is necessary by helping to offset some – if not all – of the costs associated with a residential stay. In this post, we’ll examine Blue Cross Blue Shield’s offerings in the state of Maine.

Blue Cross Blue Shield Health Insurance in Maine

Blue Cross Blue Shield offers health insurance to Maine residents under its Anthem brand – and each plan, which can be altered for both group and individual levels, falls into three main categories: bronze, silver, and gold. As you might expect, the level of coverage increases from bronze to silver to gold. Yet, as coverage improves, so does the cost of the insurance premiums.

The bronze plan, for instance, is the most affordable healthcare plan level offered in terms of premium costs, yet it only covers 60 percent of member healthcare costs, leaving the other 40 percent for members to pay out of pocket. Silver level plans cover 70 percent of healthcare costs, leaving members with the other 30 percent to pay out of pocket. And while the gold level plans are the most expensive plans when it comes to premium costs, they also offer the best coverage, covering 80 percent of all medical costs and leaving members with lesser out of pocket costs.

Bronze, silver, and gold level plans also offer different coverage amounts when it comes to treating mental health issues and substance abuse issues via inpatient treatment means. We’ll take a closer look at some individual healthcare plans and what exactly they cover in this arena in the next section.

Blue Cross Blue Shield Rehabilitation Center Insurance Coverage

As we mentioned, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield healthcare plans are available under three levels of plans in Maine. The Anthem Bronze HMO, for instance, carries a $6,200 deductible. While it covers the likes of inpatient treatment for mental health and substance abuse issues, members are still required to pay 50 percent of the costs after they meet their deductible. For example, after a member pays the $6,200 deductible, they would still be responsible for paying half of all additional rehabilitation costs.

Conversely, the Anthem Gold HMO plan, while more expensive when it comes to premium costs, also covers more – especially when it comes to inpatient rehabilitation treatment. For instance, members are still required to meet their deductible when it comes to inpatient rehabilitation services, whether it’s for mental health or substance abuse – but after meeting their deductible, they’ll only have to pay 10 percent of the costs out of pocket.

There are various other Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield healthcare plans offered in the state, all of which offer varying levels of coverage for mental health and substance abuse treatment.

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As we mentioned in the opening, good health insurance coverage is critical when it comes to treating substance abuse issues. For more information on Blue Cross Blue Shield’s offerings in Maine, and to explore other healthcare insurance offerings, contact today. Good health insurance, essentially, can help put people closer to the treatment that they need to get sober and back on the path to a healthy lifestyle.

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