Rehab Centers That Accept BCBS Insurance In Indiana

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Rehab Centers That Accept BCBS Insurance In Indiana

Addiction recovery is not something that can happen overnight. In order to truly overcome the challenges of addiction, a person needs to partner with a rehab center that will help them achieve their goals and will treat their disease. Depending on the root cause of their addiction and the severity of their disease, patients will choose either an outpatient treatment center or a residential rehab center. An outpatient center provides the patients with opportunities to receive private and group counseling in order to identify the cause of their addiction and create a plan moving forward. A residential treatment center allows the patient to check into the facility for a specific period of time and focus entirely on their recovery. They receive medical care as well as counseling services while residing in the facility. Patients who are ready to take that first important step toward sobriety should understand their insurance coverage. Blue Cross Blue Shield offers many insurance plans that cover addiction treatment services.

Indiana Blue Cross Blue Shield Coverage

Indiana patients are able to purchase Blue Cross Blue Shield coverage from a subsidiary of the company that offers plans in this state. The subsidiary, Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield, offers similar plans and coverage options for those who are interested. The Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield plans can be broken down into the categories of Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

Bronze plans are lower cost plans that are designed to minimize the monthly premiums, but they typically carry with them higher out-of-pocket costs. On average, a Bronze plan covers 60 percent of health care costs for patients, and requires patients to pay 40 percent out-of-pocket. Silver plans are an affordable plan with average coverage costs. Patients who opt for a Silver plan will find that about 70 percent of their health care costs are covered, and they are required to pay 30 percent out-of-pocket. The Gold plans are the plans that offer premium coverage services, but their monthly premiums are significantly higher. On average, the Gold plan pays for 80 percent of health care costs, requiring the patient to pay 20 percent out-of-pocket.

Patients who are interested in purchasing an insurance plan through Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield in Indiana will be pleased to know that there are many different plan options available, making it easy to customize coverage based on individual needs.

Blue Cross Blue Shield Benefits for Addiction Recovery Treatment Services

The Blue Cross Blue Shield subsidiary in Indiana, known as Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield, is similar to other insurance companies in the sense that it promotes preventative health care, and also believes in the importance of coverage for behavioral health care and mental health care. Patients who purchase a plan through Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield may have coverage for some type of addiction treatment recovery services.

For example, one Silver plan that is available through Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield provides patients with coverage for inpatient treatment centers. A patient who opts to stay at an inpatient facility will pay $500 co-pay per stay, and is required to pay a 10 percent coinsurance fee after their deductible has been met.

Patients will find that full or partial coverage helps to minimize the cost of addiction treatment services, which ultimately makes it a more realistic option for many people who are struggling to overcome their addiction. A person who is considering addiction treatment at a rehab center should evaluate their health insurance plan in order to verify the type of coverage that they have for this specific type of care. Patients should explore all treatment options available to them through their insurance provider so that they can maximize their benefits and minimize their out-of-pocket costs for treatment.

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