Rehab Centers That Accept BCBS Insurance In Georgia

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Rehab Centers That Accept BCBS Insurance In Georgia

Dr. Gerardo Sison

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Dr. Gerardo Sison

April 1, 2019

Obtaining a healthy body requires the right tools and care. When a loved one shows signs of substance abuse or a mental health disorder, he or she needs appropriate treatment to address the underlying causes of the situation. In Georgia, Blue Cross Blue Shield policies allow individuals to seek treatment for addiction and start working on obtaining personal goals.

Policies Available in Georgia

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield offers several options to address substance abuse and work on obtaining recovery goals. Generally, the policies are classified as Bronze, Silver or Gold plans. A Bronze policy is a basic plan that covers most healthcare concerns and has the lowest monthly cost; however, it also has the highest deductible and out-of-pocket expense. It is appropriate when individuals do not expect major health concerns, but it also covers most situations. Silver policies are standard plans that have a mid-range cost on a monthly basis and the mid-range out-of-pocket expense. It covers most health concerns, including mental health disorders, and allows individuals to avoid high costs when unexpected complications arise. A Gold policy has the highest monthly cost, but the lowest deductible and out-of-pocket expense. Generally, Gold policies offer the most comprehensive coverage.

Georgia has several policy options to help address substance abuse and recovery goals. The specific details regarding addiction treatment and solutions for mental health disorders depends on the policy and the needs of the individual. Most policies in Georgia cover mental health disorders and addiction after the individual pays the stated deductible. The policies usually pay a percentage of the treatment costs, such as 60 to 80 percent of the treatment expenses. Exact rates and coverage vary.

Limits of Coverage

Limitations in Blue Cross Blue Shield policies in Georgia depend on the details provided in a specific policy. Generally, the policies limit coverage to out-of-network programs. Some policies also require pre-authorization for treatment in a residential program. Pre-authorization means that the individual informs the insurance provider about the treatment program and the intention to enter the facility before starting treatment for substance abuse or a mental health disorder. Some policies do not require pre-authorization, but the details vary.

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Policies can also require a referral from a primary care doctor before starting any specialized treatment. Read the policy carefully to determine if it requires a referral to avoid any complications when seeking treatment. Other limitations relate to the duration of treatment or specific types of programs that the policy does not cover.

Treatment Solutions

The insurance policies from Blue Cross Blue Shield in Georgia provide a foundation to help determine the next step of recovery. It allows individuals to identify appropriate programs based on the network and then compare facilities to find the right solution for personal goals.

After identifying potential treatment facilities, evaluate the solutions the program offers. For example, determine if the facility takes a holistic or traditional approach to recovery. Holistic programs use tools like nutrient supplementation, counseling and treatments for physical ailments to address any health concerns or complications that arise after using drugs or alcohol. The program takes a whole-person approach to recovery and evaluates the needs of an individual before starting treatment. Traditional programs use tools like counseling, family therapy and group therapy to address mental health disorders and substance abuse.

Evidence-based programs also help with long-term goals by using tools like cognitive therapy and behavior modification to alter unhealthy thought processes and change inappropriate actions. For example, the treatment identifies the thoughts that trigger substance abuse and then strive to actively change the thought processes so that an individual takes a different course of action in the future. It adjusts the individual’s actions and behaviors so that he or she understands the best ways to avoid certain situations.

Any program that addresses substance abuse should also provide details about detox services. Some programs directly provide medically-supervised programs while other options connect an individual to a third party program. Go through a detox program before starting further treatment to avoid complications during the recovery process.

Obtaining Recovery Goals

Recovery goals start with identifying the underlying problems and then working with an insurance provider to address the situation. In Georgia, individuals have options through Blue Cross Blue Shield to address addiction and mental health disorders. For more details about recovery programs in Georgia, contact us at

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