Rehab Centers That Accept BCBS Insurance In Connecticut

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Rehab Centers That Accept BCBS Insurance In Connecticut

Abusing drugs or alcohol alters personal perceptions and health. It changes the way that an individual behaves and causes complications in personal relationships. When a dependent loved one shows signs of substance abuse or a mental health disorder, an insurance policy from Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield in Connecticut allows individuals to seek treatment and address the situation in an appropriate rehab center.

Coverage Options in Connecticut

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield offers a variety of policies for individuals and families in Connecticut. The individual policies generally fall into three main categories: Bronze, Silver and Gold policies. The state also has Catastrophic policies available to address the needs of young adults or individuals with good health who do not need more comprehensive coverage options.

Generally, the Catastrophic policy only offers limited coverage to address physical and mental health concerns in emergency situations. While it does cover health concerns like an overdose on drugs or alcohol as well as emergency detox services and treatments, the amount of coverage is limited and most individuals must pay the stated deductible before coverage applies to the policy. The deductible is usually relatively high, but the monthly payments are generally low.

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Bronze and Silver policies offer moderate coverage for most health concerns and reasonable monthly costs. Generally, a Bronze policy in Connecticut through Blue Cross Blue Shield covers about 60 percent of treatment costs in an in-network facility. Silver policies usually cover around 70 percent of treatment costs and Gold policies cover roughly 80 percent of most treatment costs. The exact details of coverage and the limitations vary between policies and the treatment program, so expect some variations in the final cost of treatment. For example, a policy can cover around 70 percent of most treatments, but might exclude a particular portion of the treatment plan, which results in a slightly higher out-of-pocket expense.

Pay attention to network standards in any policy. While Blue Cross Blue Shield policies can offer coverage for mental health treatments and substance abuse programs, it does not always cover out-of-network facilities.

Identifying the Right Policy

The best policy for any individual or family depends on their situation and goals. A general rule to determine an appropriate program is the number of times an individual or family expects to visit a medical professional. A family with teenaged children who show signs of a mental health disorder or substance abuse might want a more comprehensive policy like a Silver or Gold plan due to the possible complications and treatment needs associated with the individual’s behavior. When a family does not expect many expenses associated with medical needs or substance abuse recovery, a Bronze policy might offer appropriate protection.

Most policies from Blue Cross Blue Shield offer coverage for mental health disorders and addiction, but the details and exact costs of treatment will vary. Expect higher out-of-pocket costs when working with Bronze policies when compared to Silver or Gold options. Silver policies offer moderate or standard coverage and costs. A Gold policy usually costs more per month, but has a lower out-of-pocket expense.

Addressing Addiction with Treatment Programs

Treating addiction seems complicated, but Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield policies offer coverage to address most healthcare needs and substance abuse programs. The best programs offer individual or personalized treatment plans that specifically focus on the needs of the person.

A program that offers detox services, particularly a supervised program, helps with the first steps of recovery. Individuals also want a program that offer holistic treatments and evidence-based programs. An evidence-based program uses tools like cognitive therapy and behavior modification to help prevent future substance abuse. Traditional treatments, like counseling and group therapy, are part of most rehab programs in Connecticut and help with co-occurring disorders as well as the symptoms of substance abuse. Opt for a program that offers a variety of tools to address substance abuse and that is part of the Blue Cross Blue Shield network of treatment providers.

Finding Appropriate Treatment

Treating addiction in Connecticut starts with finding the right program and evaluating an insurance policy. Focus on in-network programs that offer several treatment solutions before finalizing a plan of action. Contact us at to learn more about addiction treatment in Connecticut.


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