Rehab Centers That Accept BCBS Insurance In Arkansas

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Rehab Centers That Accept BCBS Insurance In Arkansas

Isaac Alexis, M.D., AAMA, AMP-BC

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Isaac Alexis, M.D., AAMA, AMP-BC

March 20, 2019

Obtaining a healthy body and mind requires appropriate care and treatment. When a dependent loved one shows signs of a mental health disorder or behaves in an odd way that suggests substance abuse, he or she needs professional treatment to recover and heal. By working with Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance in Arkansas, individuals have the tools to start making positive changes and adjusting their personal lifestyle.

Coverage Options in Arkansas

Blue Cross Blue Shield offers several insurance policies in Arkansas that address the needs of individuals and families. The policies include Bronze, Silver and Gold plans that offer a variety of different solutions and coverage options for the needs of each individual.

As a general rule, Bronze policies have the highest out-of-pocket costs and Gold policies have the lowest out-of-pocket costs for most treatment options. Silver policies offer standard coverage that addresses most needs and falls in the middle of the price ranges. In most cases, Bronze policies have the lowest monthly costs and Gold policies have the highest monthly expenses.

While the costs vary significantly between policies, the coverage addresses most healthcare needs in all of the plans. Generally, the coverage in any Blue Cross Blue Shield policy in Arkansas allows individuals to seek treatment in a rehab center. The coverage usually applies after an individual pays the stated deductible. In most cases, the coverage for in-network rehab centers is greater than the coverage for an out-of-network facility.

Coverage for substance use disorders generally follows the same standards of coverage for mental health disorders. The exact details of the policy and the specific coverage depends on the plan and the needs of the individual. Blue Cross Blue Shield policies in Arkansas usually cover a percentage of the treatment expenses, such as 80 percent of the costs.

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Treating an Addiction

Treating an addiction in Arkansas starts with identifying the coverage and the standards of the policy. Although Blue Cross Blue Shield policies in Arkansas allow individuals to seek treatment in out-of-network programs, they do not offer the same amount of coverage. Most policies require that an individual pay a higher portion of the treatment costs for out-of-network plans.

After identifying appropriate programs, compare the treatment options available in the facility. Most programs offer traditional treatments, like counseling services and group therapy, but they differ in the way that the facilities handle detox services, medical conditions and co-occurring disorders. The best programs use a holistic and evidence-based approach to recovery as well as a personalized treatment plan. The individual approach to treatment allows each person to focus on the underlying causes of an addiction.

Holistic treatments recognize that multiple factors contribute to mental health disorders and substance use disorders. It addresses mental health, physical health and emotional complications associated with drugs and alcohol. Evidence-based treatments also recognize that thought processes play a role in addiction, so it offers tools like cognitive-behavioral therapy to address thoughts and actions.

Ideally, a treatment program will also offer detox services to start the process of recovery. Detox services allow the body to eliminate the substance from the system and often requires medical supervision to limit potential health risks.

Limits to Rehab Treatments

Seeking treatment in an Arkansas rehab center does not necessarily mean that individuals can enter any program. Policies from Blue Cross Blue Shield often set limitations on treatment or exclude specific types of treatments. The primary limitation set on most policies focus on costs and out-of-network programs. An out-of-network treatment usually costs more due to a higher co-insurance rate.

Other limits apply to the duration of the treatment, such as 30 days in a residential program, and the treatments that the policy specifically excludes. Some policies exclude services like acupuncture or massage therapy since it is considered an optional or elective treatment.

Finding a Program in Arkansas

Selecting a treatment program in Arkansas requires comparison and detailed information about an insurance policy. Blue Cross Blue Shield policies provide a foundation to identify the right programs by focusing on in-network facilities. To learn more about addiction treatment options in Arkansas or to compare different programs and treatment options, use the tools at today.


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