Rehab Centers That Accept BCBS Insurance In Arizona

Whether you are shopping for insurance at the marketplace or taking advantage of an employer-sponsored group plan, Blue Cross Blue Shield is there, so you can get the help you need. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona offers a number of plans that ease the cost of detox and drug or alcohol treatment, so you can concentrate on getting healthy again.

What Does BCBS Cover?

The amount that Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona pays towards drug treatment depends on a number of factors. There are different plans available for different regions of Arizona. For example, residents in Maricopa have access to plans that may not be available to those who live in Pima County.

Metal level, deductible and out-of-pocket maximum are all considerations, as well. With most BCBS plans, you do not need to meet the deductible before the company pays. Your co-payments are based on the level of insurance you purchase.

BCBS Plans By Metallic Levels

As part of the Affordable Care Act, insurance companies categorized their plans by metallic levels. Bronze is the lowest level and Platinum the highest. The metal level refers to the amount of total health care cost you pay. This isn’t limited to drug treatment, it refers to total health care cost, so it includes visits to the doctor, medication and any other health care expense you incur during the year.

When you shop for a plan, you look for the right combination of metal level, deductible and out-of-pocket maximum. With Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona, it is important to read the details closely, because they offer a number of plans within each metal level.

For example, residents of Maricopa County have access to:

  • Six Bronze plans
  • Four Silver plans
  • Four Gold plans
  • Two Catastrophic plans

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Each plan may pay a different percent for drug treatment. On average, with the Bronze level, you can expect a 20 percent co-pay for in-network care. The plan pays even if you have not met the deductible. Higher level metal plans may pay more of the cost of treatment. The Silver level plans require only a 10 percent co-payment.

The benefits vary by plan. For example, if you sign up for the Everyday Health HMO 1000 Alliance plan, you pay a 20 percent co-payment for both in and outpatient services, but with the Bronze level “Select” plan, the copay may only be 10 percent.

The Everyday Health HMO 6000 Alliance plan also comes with the lower 10 percent copay. At Arizona Blue Cross Blue Shield, the number in the plan refers to the deductible. Most plans do not require you to meet that deductible prior to making a payment, though.

Residents in Pima Country choose from a different group of plans, but they follow the same general pattern. The bronze level Portfolio HSA HMO 3250 Statewide also comes with a 10 percent copay. This is also true for higher metal level plans such as the gold Portfolio HSA HMO 1500 Select. You pay just a 10 percent copay for both in and outpatient treatment.

When choosing the right BCBS shield plan, you need not worry much about your treatment, because all options are very similar. Focus instead on staying on finding an in-network facilities that offers the services you need to stay healthy


It is very likely that your insurance plan requires pre-certification – this means that you must get authorization for treatment, both inpatient and out, prior to starting the program. Without it, the company may refuse to pay the bill. They also require you to use a network provider for care. Most plans do not pay for out of network treatment. If you are looking into programs, contact us today to see which facilities will work with your choice insurance provider.

Choosing the right insurance plan is complex, but Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona makes getting drug and alcohol treatment an easy choice. They pay a large portion of the cost. Even at the lowest metal level, they cover 80 percent of the expenses.

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