Rehab Centers That Accept BCBS Insurance In Alaska

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Rehab Centers That Accept BCBS Insurance In Alaska

Treating an addiction in Alaska provides the opportunity to explore new interests and start enjoying the beautiful natural surroundings available throughout the state. When an individual or a dependent loved one shows signs of substance abuse, he or she can work with an insurance provider to find the right solutions for the addiction in terms of payment.

In Alaska, Blue Cross Blue Shield policies allow individuals to seek treatment in appropriate rehab centers and address the underlying factors that cause the unhealthy behaviors.

Treatment Solutions for Substance Abuse

The best treatments for substance abuse in Alaska depend on several factors, including the insurance policy a patient holds. The primary factor to consider when looking at insurance is whether the program is considered an in-network or out-of-network facility. Since policies usually cover a larger portion of in-network treatments, focus on programs that work with Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Treatments for substance abuse also play a role in the decision about a rehab center. Focus on treatment programs that create a personalized plan for long-term recovery goals.

An evidence-based treatment refers to any program that uses medical and scientific treatments that have evidence to prove the effectiveness of the program. For example, cognitive therapy and behavior modification are part of an evidence-based treatment plan. Traditional treatments focus on tools like counseling and group therapy to help with the underlying causes of addiction.

Holistic treatments address every factor that contributes to the problem, including poor nutrition, physical ailments or general poor health. It uses multiple tools to improve physical and emotional well-being so that individuals have the tools to avoid drugs or alcohol in the future.

Effective treatment programs take a long-term approach to recovery and use tools like a medically-supervised detox program to limit potential risks to personal health. Even if a program only lasts for 30 days, it will usually offer aftercare and follow-up options to help ensure that individuals keep up with their goals.

Coverage in Alaska

Blue Cross Blue Shield offers a variety of coverage options throughout the state of Alaska. The individual and family policies provide coverage for mental health disorders and substance use disorders based on the needs of the individual and the standards of the specific plan.

Generally, the policies fall into three main categories: Bronze, Silver, and Gold policies. The Bronze policies are basic plans that require a relatively large out-of-pocket expense with the stated deductible. Silver policies are moderate or standard plans that have reasonable monthly rates and reasonable coverage. For example, the policies usually cover about 80 percent of treatment costs after an individual pays the stated deductible. The deductible for a Silver policy is usually lower than the rate for a Bronze policy.

Gold policies are usually the highest cost on a monthly basis (premium), but it also offers the lowest deductible and out-of-pocket rates. It also covers a large percentage of treatment in an in-network facility. The costs for out-of-network treatments are usually higher than in-network treatment options.

Requirements and Limits

Treating addiction with a Blue Cross Blue Shield policy in Alaska allows individuals to enter residential programs or seek out-patient care. The primary limitations relate to notification of services when using residential care. The policies from Blue Cross Blue Shield in Alaska often require prior notification that an individual intends to seek treatment for an addiction in a residential program. Out-patient treatments do not require notification before seeking treatment.

Other limits relate to the duration of treatment. Some policies limit the length of time an individual can stay in a treatment facility or the number of out-patient sessions per year. Some policies also exclude specific treatments or services, like massage therapy or music therapy, because it is considered an optional treatment.

Finding a Program

The best rehab center for addiction treatment in Alaska depends on the insurance policy that an individual purchases, personal goals and the underlying causes of an addiction. By entering a program that offers personalized treatment plans and addresses most situations, individuals have the tools to avoid drugs or alcohol. For more details about treatment in Alaska, use tools at

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