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Rehab Centers That Accept BCBS Insurance in Alabama

A health insurance plan can often be the key to having the ability to enter a drug or alcohol treatment program. Insurance plans often cover a large portion of addiction treatment making it easier for individuals to get the treatment they need. You can rely on Blue Cross Blue Shield for a health insurance plan in your home state of Alabama.

Blue Cross Blue Shield Alabama Coverage

All the Blue Cross Blue Shield individual health plans in Alabama cover substance abuse treatment. If you also have a co-occurring mental disorder, the plans can help because they also cover mental health and behavioral health treatment. Look through the plans to find your best fit based on the deductible, monthly premiums, and portion you would be responsible for compared to how much the plan would help you. Keep in mind that your personal plan could be a little different from these options.

The various plans fall into different metallic levels that are common of individual insurance plans. The platinum level designates plans that cover more of the cost of your health services while charging a higher monthly premium. That ranges down to bronze, which is the opposite, charging you less for premiums but more for out-of-pocket co-payments.

Blue Cross Blue Shield Mental Health and Substance Abuse Benefits

There is one platinum plan in Alabama. The Blue Choice Platinum PPO plan requires a $20 copay for outpatient visits in the network or a 20 percent coinsurance for those outside the network. In-network inpatient services are completely covered with no cost to you, while you would pay a 20 percent co-insurance if you went outside the network.

At the gold level, you have two choices. The Blue Access Gold PPO plan requires a $50 copayment for each outpatient visit if you attend treatment within the network or a 20 percent co-insurance if you opt to go outside of it. For inpatient services, you have no charge within the network or a 20 percent co-insurance outside the network. The Blue Value Gold PPO plan requires a $45 copay for outpatient services in the network and no charge for inpatient services in the network. Out-of-network providers are not covered on this plan.

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Pick from two silver plans. On the Blue Value Silver PPO plan, outpatient care requires a $55 copay for each visit. Inpatient care is not charged to you, though your plan may vary and result in predetermined cost. Your plan will not cover you if you try to go to a provider outside the network. The Blue Saver Silver HDHP/PPO plan requires a $30 copay for the first three outpatient visits, and then the deductible and a 20 percent co-insurance. It costs a 20 percent co-insurance for inpatient care.

There are also two bronze choices. With the Blue Saver Bronze HDHP/PPO plan, you pay a $40 copay for the first three outpatient visits and then the deductible. There is no co-insurance for inpatient care. These services are not covered out of the network. On the Blue HSA Bronze HDHP/PPO plan, you have a 0 percent co-insurance for both inpatient and outpatient services. Out-of-network providers are not covered with this plan.

You also have the option to pick a catastrophic plan. The Blue Protect HDHP/PPO plan comes with a 0 percent co-insurance for inpatient and outpatient services, although the deductible applies. You cannot get coverage for providers outside the network on this plan.

Most of the plans require you to meet the deductible of the plan in addition to the specific copay or co-insurance. Also, you need pre-certification for both inpatient and outpatient services.

Rely On Your Health Insurance For Treatment

These overviews show that health insurance will cover a portion of treatment costs, so you’re not responsible for as much when you rely on your plan coverage. And then you can use your Blue Cross Blue Shield health insurance plan for the rest of your health care needs separate from substance abuse treatment, helping you have a healthier life from now on.

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