Rehab Centers That Accept Aetna Insurance In Wisconsin

As a resident of Wisconsin you have a variety of health insurance plans that will help you cover the costs of drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Considering that substance abuse treatment can range in expenses, you want to make sure you have the best possible insurance coverage. There are three different levels of coverage through Aetna that explain how much you can anticipate in terms of benefits. Note that Aetna is the parent company of Humana, which is the coverage holder for Wisconsin.

Humana Bronze 6300/Humana Preferred

This plan is one of the most popular coverage options for Wisconsin residents. At the Bronze level, you can anticipate paying the least amount of all of the tiers of insurance. For starters, your annual deductible is $6,300, which you must meet this before you coverage starts. After you’ve met your deductible, your primary doctor visits, specialist doctor visits, and nurse practitioner visits are free. As for emergency care, you don’t have to pay anything for emergency rooms, ambulance service, and urgent care facilities after you’ve met your deductible.

All prescriptions are free, as is outpatient surgery, outpatient lab/x-rays, and imaging services, as well as outpatient mental health, outpatient substance abuse treatment, and outpatient rehab once you’ve reached your deductible. Your hospitalization, inpatient mental health, and inpatient substance abuse treatment are also totally free once you’ve paid $6,300 into the healthcare system. If you are expecting to have costs greater than $6,300 for your drug and alcohol treatment this plan is going to save you in the long term.

Humana Silver 3650/Humana Preferred

This plan is a step up from Bronze and while you will have to pay more for your monthly premium, you do have a much lower deductible at $3,650 per person per year. That means you can get your inpatient treatment, outpatient care, hospitalization for detox, and mental health services for free once you’ve paid $3,650 out of pocket for medical care. Given that the price for drug and alcohol treatment can skyrocket depending on the severity of your dependency, this coverage is an outstanding option.

Humana Silver 4250/Humana Preferred

While the other two plans mentioned here are based deductible payments, this Silver plan takes the copay route. The cost for this plan is a bit more than the other two plans. However, you will receive some benefits prior to meeting your deductible, which is $4,250 per person annually. For instance, you will pay $35 copay for primary physician office visits and $60 copay to see a specialist. Some services do require you to meet the deductible before they offer coverage.

For emergency room visits, you will have to pay 20 percent after you’ve met your deductible. As for outpatient mental health services, outpatient substance abuse treatment, and outpatient rehab services, you will have to pay 20 percent of the total cost even after you’ve met your deductible. Inpatient services, including mental health and substance abuse, also come with the 20 percent post-deductible charge.

Making The Best Choice For Insurance Coverage

Aetna’s coverage plans are diverse enough to help treat just about anybody’s addiction problem. If your or someone you know is suffering from addiction and needs help, please contact us at to learn more about Wisconsin-area insurance coverage.

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