Rehab Centers That Accept Aetna Insurance in Ohio

Even if you’re ready to enter a drug or alcohol recovery program, the cost of treatment can be a roadblock standing in the way of a new life. But you don’t necessarily need to come up with the entire cost of treatment on your own. These Aetna insurance plans in Ohio can cover some or all of your rehabilitation costs.

Ohio Aetna Health Coverage

In your state, Aetna offers different levels of health insurance. All are POS, or point-of-service, plans. This type of insurance coverage is a mix between HMO and PPO types, providing in-network and out-of-network health service options.

Bronze Plans

These plans give you the benefit of lower premiums each month, but the higher level plans might help you save more on the cost of recovery services.

Bronze $20 Co-Pay

This is a POS plan that provides coverage for mental health and substance abuse services. With this plan, you pay a $50 co-pay for each visit in an in-network outpatient facility. Expect to spend a $250 co-pay for admission to an inpatient facility. You can choose to go to rehabilitation facilities that are outside of the network. In this case, you pay a 50 percent coinsurance and must get pre-certification for inpatient programs to keep the cost down.

Bronze Deductible Only HSA

The other bronze option in Ohio is this POS plan. It covers mental health, behavioral health, and substance abuse services with 0 percent coinsurance required for in-network providers. This includes both inpatient and outpatient care. If the facility you prefer is outside the network, the plan will still cover a 50 percent coinsurance. For out-of-network providers, you need to get pre-certification to get the most coverage.

Silver Plans

These silver plans give you good middle ground, covering more of your care with lower premiums than gold plans. You also have the option to choose cost sharing reduction, or CSR, alternatives of these plans.

Silver $5 Co-Pay 2750

This POS plan covers mental and behavioral health services, in addition to treatment for substance abuse. It covers inpatient services with a 30 percent coinsurance and a $500 co-pay for facility admission. This plan also covers outpatient services for a $75 co-pay, plus a waived deductible. You can see a provider outside the network for a 50 percent coinsurance and pre-certification to prevent a benefit reduction.

Silver $10 Co-Pay

Another POS plan, this option provides the same coverage for substance abuse, behavioral health, and mental health as the Silver $5 co-pay plan, but with a higher co-pay.

Gold Plan

This plan is considered gold because it offers the most coverage for your health services. You will have to spend more on your monthly premiums, but think about whether this will be worth it to cover more of your needed mental health and substance abuse services.

Gold $5 Co-Pay

Through this POS plan’s coverage, you can go to an in-network outpatient clinic for substance abuse or mental health services for a $40 co-pay with your deductible waived. Inpatient services require a 20 percent coinsurance pay. Out-of-network providers require a 50 percent coinsurance for outpatient or inpatient services, with the latter requiring pre-certification to avoid benefit reduction.

These plans will help you gain the benefits of the treatment facilities available in Ohio. Consider the balance of monthly premiums, mental health, and substance abuse coverage against deductibles and out-of-pocket costs to determine which plan would fit you best.

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