Rehab Centers That Accept Aetna Insurance In Montana

Ready to turn your life around by entering a drug or alcohol treatment program in Montana? There are endless options available to you, and you’ve probably already realized that they come with very different costs. You have a broad range of treatment options to pick from, going from free support groups to expensive luxury rehabilitation facilities. When you’re considering your treatment options and comparing the costs, keep in mind that your health insurance plan will be able to take over part of the cost of care for you.

That means you’ll only be responsible for some of the cost, whether you need to pay a copay or a percentage of co-insurance. Usually, you also need to cover the plan’s deductible. Rely on your insurance coverage, and you’ll find a covered drug or alcohol rehab facility much more affordable. Plus, insurance can even help with a co-occurring mental disorder.

If your preference is an Aetna plan, you have a couple of options within Montana. Depending on your work situation, you could utilize a group plan or choose an individual one.

Group Plans

In Montana, Aetna offers small business insurance plans that you can enroll in. These plans cover outpatient facilities for drug abuse, alcoholism and mental disorders with a 50 percent payment portion. With an insurance plan through the Aetna network, you are able to take part in custom programs for alcohol dependency or abuse, as well as a host of mental health disorders. Aetna also provides access to a network of qualified mental health professionals that include counselors and psychiatrists. Check the network to see which professionals, programs and facilities are covered.

Individual Health Plans

Maybe you’re trying to find an Aetna health plan in Montana that is outside of a group plan. In this case, try Aetna’s company First Health Network. First Health gives you access to a PPO network of providers that include substance abuse and mental health professionals and facilities.

This network strives to give each person the individualized treatment they would need. This approach is beneficial when it comes to drug or alcohol rehab since each person needs a unique approach to have success with treatment. Typically, this network has a doctor recommend the length of time and type of treatment that would fit you best, and First Health works around that for what it covers.

Your plan might vary as to the treatment types you can take advantage of, but First Health will give you access to mental health, behavioral health, and substance abuse professionals and facilities. It often covers inpatient facilities, outpatient treatment, office visits, and hospital stays. You could also take part in a program to benefit mental health or to help with a chemical dependency. You could take part in treatment with counselors, psychologists, psychiatrists, or other professionals. You will be able to choose from many providers within your area that are in the network. Take a look through the First Health provider directory to get an idea of all of the providers that are available to help you with a substance abuse or mental health problem.

Use Your Health Insurance for Drug Rehab

Whether you already have an Aetna insurance plan in Montana or you hope to get one, rely on your plan when you visit a treatment professional or enter a facility. Insurance will support you with drug and alcohol treatment, as well as mental health needs. Just make sure that you choose a provider that is covered by your plan, whether the provider is in the network or you opt to pay more to visit a covered out-of-network provider. When you use insurance, you can take part in treatment that is a fraction of its normal cost.

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