Rehab Centers That Accept Aetna Insurance In Missouri

Did you know that health insurance could help you pay for drug and alcohol rehab treatment in Missouri? It could provide coverage whether you need help with alcohol addiction, chemical dependency, or even a dual diagnosis that requires mental health treatment in addition to substance abuse treatment. Just like health insurance helps cover part of your costs for medical care, it can give the financial support you need to pay for necessary drug or alcohol treatment plans when you’re in need.

Aetna Coverage for Missouri

In the state of Missouri, Aetna offers small group and large group health coverage through its company Coventry Healthcare. In this state, your policy might vary depending on which part of the state you live in. For example, some of Western Missouri is included in the Coventry coverage for Kansas. The Missouri plans include Eastern Missouri and Illinois.

Coventry offers a wide variety of health plans in this state. You can pick from different levels that go from platinum to bronze. The level designates the ratio of what the insurance carrier will cover to what you will need to cover. Platinum plans cover the most while charging you more per month, and bronze is at the other end of the spectrum.

Mental Health and Substance Abuse Coverage Under Aetna

There are too many Coventry options to mention under small groups in Missouri, so check into your choices to find the best one between the various PPO plans, value plans, QHDHP plans, and HMO plans. The following options will give you an idea of the numerous Coventry health plans that could help you cover substance abuse and mental health care in this state. The different plans cover substance abuse treatments, chemical dependency programs, alcohol addiction treatments, and coverage for treating mental health disorders.

The HMO plan option is at the gold level, and it covers in-network care. You can go to office visits for a $60 copay each visit, while outpatient facility visits require a $500 copay for every visit, whether at an intensive outpatient program, a treatment facility, or a hospital. If you think an inpatient program would work better for you, you would need to pay a $750 copay each day, with a maximum stay length of five days covered. This inpatient coverage includes hospitals, detoxification programs, residential facilities, and partial hospitalization programs.

The small group PPO plans cover out-of-network treatment in addition to in-network ones, with coverage for the same types of facilities as the HMO plan. The one platinum level PPO plan requires a $500 copay for each inpatient admission, a $100 copay for an outpatient visit or a $50 copay for an office visit. For an out-of-network provider, you would need to pay a 30 percent coinsurance once the deductible is reached.

One of the gold PPO plans, the A000-15 plan, requires you to pay a $750 copay for inpatient admissions, a $500 copay for outpatient care or a $75 copay for office visits. Once again, the out-of-network cost is the deductible and a 30 percent coinsurance. The basic silver plan, the A5000-15 plan, needs you to pay a $500 copay plus the deductible for inpatient treatment, a $250 copay plus the deductible for outpatient care or a $75 copay for an office visit. For out-of-network care on this plan, you would cover a 40 percent coinsurance after the deductible. Coventry does not offer bronze plans in the PPO category.

Utilize Your Insurance

Don’t sign up for a drug rehab program until you determine whether your insurance plan covers it or not. You could save a great deal on the cost of care by allowing your health insurance to take care of part of the cost. Find a treatment program through the Coventry network to get the help you need at a cost that is more easy to fit into your budget. Coventry will provide access to qualified professionals and facilities through its network, giving you the chance at a new way of living.

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