Rehab Centers That Accept Aetna Insurance in Massachusetts

Those struggling with substance abuse in Massachusetts know how devastating the disease can be. Patients know that their best opportunity to achieving and maintaining sobriety is in going through a qualified rehab where the practitioners are experienced in working with patients similarly fighting substance abuse. These specialists will have the expertise needed to help patients get started on the path towards health.

For many of those preparing to enter rehab, however, cost becomes a prominent concern. Rehab can have many parts, such as detox, therapy, and aftercare. Decisions need to be made about whether a patient needs an intensive inpatient experience or if they would be able to thrive in an outpatient setting, remaining a part of their community through the process.

Insurance companies are required to provide patients with coverage for rehab or similar healthcare facilities. Every plan can differ, however, even among those that have been issued by the same company. This coverage will define the types of therapy that will be permitted, the practitioners that will be covered, and even the facilities that can be used while still receiving benefits. When patients become familiar with these stipulations, they can make more informed decisions about where to go for treatment to receive high-quality care while still avoiding unnecessary personal financial burdens.

Aetna Substance Abuse Coverage in Massachusetts

For people in Massachusetts struggling with substance abuse, Aetna provides coverage largely through their accounts for large businesses. The company has expressed interest in moving into the market for mid-sized businesses in the state in the near future, but for now, most of their clients are served through their national accounts.

Under these accounts, patients have access to any provider in the Aetna network. This can be an extraordinary benefit for patients when they begin the search for the perfect inpatient or long term treatment facility. You can now travel to various destinations in the country to receive treatment. If you find an inpatient treatment center in a relaxing, rejuvenating environment that is far away, you can now pursue that treatment option.

There are three categories of national plans: Network Only plans, Network Option plans, and Indemnity plans. Within each category is a variety of options including HMO, POS, and PPO.

Some of the plans will also include coverage for people who seek treatment outside of the coverage network, particularly those with Network option and Indemnity plans. This provides even greater flexibility for you as you hunt for the right provider. Treating people who struggle with substance abuse is a highly specialized field. Professionals must realize that each patient will have a unique story that brought them to this point and it is their job to help them begin a new chapter. Given the individualization necessary, some practitioners will not be good matches for particular patients. If the provider that seems to be able to help you the most is outside of your network, then these plans will give you the flexibility to see them and still receive at least some coverage. This means that regardless of whether you work best with a holistic minded practitioner or if you prefer a traditional form of treatment, you can find the right licensed practitioner. Out-of-network coverage is likely reduced compared to the regular, in-network rates, but will help keep costs in check.

Some plans, particularly a few under the Network Only and Network Option categories, may require patients to coordinate their care with a primary care physician who then writes referrals for specialists when needed. While this does add an extra step that patients must go through on their quest to begin treatment, many find that the guidance and support of the primary care physician can be very helpful. There are a number of different types of treatment and facilities available for substance abuse treatment, and this core person can help patients and loved ones make decisions about long-term care versus short-term care, different types of therapies, the need for detox, and even the inclusion of some alternative practices if needed and covered.

Many of these national plans also include extras, such as wellness programs. As patients progress through their treatment and begin to return to society, these types of programs can be valuable and help patients remain focused on their recovery and health.

For patients preparing to enter rehab, making the right decision can have an enormous impact on the success of the treatment as well as the financial cost. By reviewing the pertinent information in their plan, patients and their loved ones can empower themselves to make wise choices.

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