Rehab Centers That Accept Aetna Insurance In Illinois

For the thousands of people who require substance abuse treatment each year in Illinois, cost can be an important consideration. For patients generally to make a full recovery and be adequately prepared to maintain their sobriety, their care must be able to help them understand their illness completely. It is not enough to simply rid the body of the toxins, the patient must be empowered and strengthened to resist the future temptations to use again. For many patients and their loved ones, this is a powerful motivator to get into a high-quality rehab.

If a patient needs long-term rehab, however, or other common rehab care, such as aftercare, additional therapy, or holistic treatments, the costs can quickly multiply.

Insurance plans do provide patients with some degree of coverage when pursuing treatment for substance abuse. It is important for patients and loved ones to familiarize themselves with what precisely is included in their plan so they can make the best choices regarding their care.

Aetna Substance Abuse Coverage in Illinois

For patients interested in pursuing treatment for substance abuse in Illinois, Aetna offers four main plan levels: Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Catastrophic. These plans differ most significantly in their payment structure. The higher the level of the plan, the more patients will generally pay in their premiums. At the same time, this higher payment in premium results in lower deductibles. Some plans may also have co-insurance recommendations. Patients have to weigh the pros and cons of each type of structure to see what will work best for their needs. Here is what patients should know about the Aetna insurance options in Illinois.

Plan Commonalities Regardless of Level

There are a few commonalities throughout the Aetna plans, regardless of the level. None of the Aetna plans in Illinois currently require patients to get a referral to see a specialist. This provides patients with considerably more freedom, as they can make their own decisions about the specialists they need to see. Patients should note, however, that consulting with an experienced professional, such as a primary care physician, can help sort through the different treatment options and identify the providers that can best meet their needs.

These plans also allow patients to see providers outside of their network. So, for example, if you find a fantastic long-term rehab that does not work with Aetna, you can still go and typically receive some coverage. It is important to note, however, that coverage is reduced, often substantially, when you go out of your network. These plans will help you control costs associated with treatment, but will still require you to pay a significant out-of-pocket amount. Since costs are more manageable with in-network providers, many people find that staying within the network is more beneficial.

Gold Level

The current plan offered by Aetna in Illinois has a deductible that patients must meet before they are eligible for the insurance to start kicking in a paying for covered services. This Gold level plan does include an additional deductible that applies specifically for prescription drugs. If your rehab treatment plan includes the need for medication, with aim to treat a dual diagnosis or to help with the detox process, then you will have to make note of this and make sure that you budget for this additional expense. The additional deductible does not apply to network preferred generic drugs, so you should also discuss any options with your provider and insurance representative.

Silver Level

The current Silver level plans offered in Illinois have deductibles that are higher than the Gold level plans. Like the Gold level plans, one of the options also includes an additional deductible for prescription drugs, again excluding medications that are network preferred generic drugs. The other plan does not include this additional deductible.


The Bronze level plans have a higher level deductible than the previously listed options. This plan does not include any additional deductibles for specific services, such as prescription drugs.


The Catastrophic level plan has the highest deductible of all the insurance level options. Like the Bronze level plan, however, it does not include any specific deductibles for other services, such as prescription drugs.

For those preparing to enter rehab, familiarizing yourself with exactly what is covered under your insurance plan can help you avoid unnecessary out-of-pocket expenses. Always speak with an insurance representative before assuming coverage and contact us today for assistance.

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