Rehab Centers That Accept Aetna Insurance in California

Purchasing an insurance policy to help address personal health and well-being requires the right information. In the state of California, Aetna insurance policies only offer coverage through an employer. The policies available through an employer in the state offer different options based on the number of employees in the company and the type of policy an individual selects for personal needs or the needs of dependent loved ones. Regardless of the details in the specific policy, the Aetna plans available through employers in California offer some coverage to help with mental health disorders and substance abuse.

Policy Options

The policy options through Aetna depend on the employer and the size of the company. Small businesses with 50 or fewer employees have different plan options than mid-sized or large businesses. Generally, the employers offer HMO policies with different co-payment options and co-insurance rates. Some employers might also offer low deductible options through Aetna based on personal needs. The exact details of any policy vary, so an individual or family must evaluate the details in the plan before starting any treatment programs or entering a rehab facility.

Employers work with Aetna to provide health coverage based on the needs of the business and the standards set by the state. Generally, employers offer a few options that address personal concerns, common ailments and the needs of dependent family members. Policies through Aetna offer coverage for addiction rehab in California, but some limitations on the duration of treatment usually apply to the policies. For example, a policy might limit treatment duration to 30 days for a residential treatment program or a set number of visits in an out-patient facility for mental health disorders or substance use disorders.

Selecting a Treatment Program

The best treatment program for any individual depends on several factors. An insurance policy through Aetna offers the foundation to select an in-network treatment program, but it does not necessarily provide the full details of options an individual must consider before starting treatment.

Generally, the best programs offers several treatment options for substance use disorders and mental health disorders. For example, a program might offer counseling services, group therapy, family therapy and cognitive-behavioral therapy to help address different concerns or complications associated with drug abuse. Programs that take a holistic approach to recovery might offer alternative therapies, traditional treatments and even religious guidance to address every area of life. The exact details and options available through a rehab center in California vary, so individuals must compare different options based on personal needs.

Use an insurance policy from Aetna to evaluate the costs of treatment and personal financial obligations. In most cases, in-network programs cost less than out-of-network treatment plans because the policy covers a greater percentage of the treatment. In other situations, a policy will exclude specific treatment services or set limitations on the treatment programs that address an addiction based on evidence and scientific details. Follow any guidelines or standards set by the insurance policy before assuming that Aetna covers the cost of entering a rehab center.

Limitations and Variations

Each policy from Aetna offers different levels of coverage based on specific needs and goals. Generally, policies from Aetna through an employer in California help with addiction treatment, but individuals must pay the deductible and any co-payments and co-insurance rates before the coverage applies to the situation. The exact limitations in a policy vary, but usually relate to the duration of treatment, the specific types of treatment it covers and the network standards. Some policies might require a referral from a medical doctor before starting treatment. Other policies do not cover out-of-network programs, so individuals must enter an in-network facility.

Expect variations between policies and evaluate the specifics before starting treatment. Complying with the standards of the policy ensures that the policy covers treatment and will help with the financial aspects of the recovery process.

Recovering from drugs or alcohol requires the right treatment program in a professional environment. By working with Aetna insurance policies, an individual or family has the ability to focus on recovery and health rather than the financial aspects of recovery. It ensures that the program complies with specific standards and addresses addiction and co-occurring disorders.

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