Rehab Centers That Accept Aetna Insurance In Alabama

When a patient first enters rehab, the entire experience can feel challenging and overwhelming. There are often a variety of factors that impact a patient’s treatment experience and expenses. Patients who have long standing substance abuse problems or those who struggle with particular substances, such as opiates, might find that they need to go through a special detox period under the supervision of trained medical professionals. They might also need medication to cope with this process. Once patients have gone through treatment, they will likely progress into an inpatient treatment center. Other patients might thrive going into an outpatient treatment center, particularly those with a strong support system at home.

Following treatment, many patients also find that they need additional support through some type of aftercare. This might be in the form of a halfway house, a 12-step regular program, or just another form of outpatient therapy.

When one considers the various steps and stages, it is easy to see why the cost might seem a bit staggering. Fortunately, insurance companies do provide coverage for those looking to enter treatment. This coverage will vary from plan to plan, however, which means that patients and their loved ones should review their specific coverage so they can make good decisions about their treatment and providers.

Aetna Substance Abuse Coverage in Alabama

For patients in Alabama, there are four different plan options from Aetna. Three of these options are classified as PPO plans while the fourth is an Indemnity plan.

PPO Plans

Since the first three plans are all classified as PPO plans, there are some commonalities among them that describe how payments are structured and what is covered. These plans all provide care for both in-network and out-of-network treatment sought. This grants you the freedom to find an inpatient or outpatient treatment facility based on how well it meets your needs, rather than whether or not it is in your network. You should remember, however, that coverage will be lower if you go out-of-network.

One of the most important benefits offered under this plan is the unlimited lifetime maximum for mental health services. For many substance abuse sufferers, the first trip through rehab will not be the last. It can be very challenging for patients to maintain their sobriety after they leave rehab, when they are faced with their stressors and triggers in society once again. This is the reason that many patients will go through rehab more than once. With the unlimited maximum, patients and their loved ones can rest assured that they will be able to still receive coverage when they enter treatment again.

Medications can also be an important part of treatment for many people. Some soon-to-be patients will need prescriptions to help them cope with detox. This is particularly true for those who struggle with opiates. Medications can help them handle the physical demands of ridding their body of the drugs that they’ve built up in their system. As patients go through such programs as cognitive behavioral therapy and dialectical behavioral therapy, they might also determine that they are struggling with a co-occurring disorder, such as depression. Medication can help these patients face these mental health problems if regular therapy is not enough. The PPO plans will have a $15/$25/$40 payment structure depending upon the type of medication. Your insurance plan will come with a list of drugs that details where they fall on this classification system. You can then work with your provider to receive the best possible care for the least possible cost. If you are working with out-of-network benefits, however, then your medications will be covered at 80 percent after you make the copay.

Indemnity Plan

Under the Indemnity plan, just about all covered services are offered with 80 percent coverage and no copay. You will have the same payment structure for prescription medications and also continue to have the unlimited lifetime maximum for mental health services.

For patients and their loved ones looking to cover the cost of rehab, the thought of the price associated with detox, standard treatment and then aftercare can seem overwhelming. Fortunately, when patients carefully review their insurance policies so they know what is covered, they can make decisions about their care that maximize their coverage and their savings.

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