2 Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers in Cody, Wyoming

Most people who enter treatment in Cody will be local residents, all within driving distance. If for some reason you are flying into Cody to enter one of its two rehab centers than you will want to fly into Yellowstone regional airport. Cody is small town, a population under 10,000. In Cody proper there is not much to do but if you travel out of Cody you can enjoy scenic views and beautiful mountain ranges. 

Weather In Cody

If you're coming to rehab during the winter months you can expect temperatures to be around 20-40 degrees. During the summer months it will be around 70 degrees, fall and spring will be around the 60's. The summertime is beautiful in Cody, not to hot. 

Visiting Your Loved One

If your loved ones rehab approves a visit to rehab, then finding a quality hotel is important. The two highest rated that are in a close proximity to the centers are the Comfort Inn on Sheridan Rd and the City Motor Lodge on Sheridan Rd. Both are very affordable and make sure to check to see if they offer discounts when visiting a loved one in a local drug and alcohol rehab center. 

Finding A Job After Rehab

Once you've completed your rehab program, the next phase of your life starts. Aftercare and a well executed recovery plan are essential to succeed. One of the most important parts of your aftercare program is employment. Cody is a small town and is a bit limited in regards to employment. Looking into Yellowstone Park and the surrounding area is a better option.

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