4 Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers in Racine, Wisconsin

Racine, Wisconsin Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers

As the fifth largest city in Wisconsin, Racine has its share of substance abuse issues and drug trafficking. Fortunately, there are a few alcohol and drug rehab centers in Racine that provide various therapies to help individuals who suffer from addiction.

Ascension All Saints Hospital

All Saints Hospital provides inpatient addiction treatment, a partial hospitalization program (PHP), and outpatient counseling to adults and adolescents. Treatment in these programs involves individual, group, family, and occupational therapy. One of the goals is to improve a person’s self-esteem and overall way of life. The adolescent program specifically works on coping skills and responsibility.

Clear Beginnings Wellness and Addiction

Clear beginnings is a medication-assisted treatment (MAT) program for opioid addiction. This facility also offers treatment plans for other types of drug and alcohol addiction. They believe in treating every individual with compassion and respect.

Quality Addiction Management (QAM) Narcotic Treatment Program

Quality Addiction Management (QAM) provides medication-assisted treatment (MAT) for opioid addiction. This facility provides methadone to help individuals stop taking stronger opioids like heroin. It also offers individual and group counseling, a yearly physical, and psychosocial assessment.

Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers Near Racine

There are not many residential addiction treatment facilities in Racine, but there are several in the surrounding areas. Residential treatment is ideal for many people because it removes distractions and temptations of the home environment. 

These alcohol and drug rehab centers near Racine provide a therapeutic community away from home, as well as a variety of services for comprehensive care.

Lakeview, Waterford

Lakeview has a community based residential facility (CBRF) program for individuals struggling with drug and alcohol abuse. This program involves behavioral services, recreation, life skills training, and monitoring of physical health. Treatment is individualized and run by medical professionals. Lakeview also has a CBRF in Westfield called Lakeview at Mill Pond.

Alarus Healthcare, Grafton and West Bend

Alarus Healthcare provides multiple levels of care for addiction, including inpatient and outpatient treatment. They specialize in treating co-occurring disorders and opioid addiction but are able to help people who abuse any type of drugs or alcohol. A treatment plan at Alarus is customized to the individual.

Meta House, Milwaukee

Meta House has residential and outpatient addiction treatment programs for women. These programs help women learn life skills and better parenting. They also include counseling, education, nutritional support, and mental health services. Childcare is offered to women in the outpatient program, and children are allowed to live with their mothers during residential treatment.

Drug And Alcohol Abuse In Racine And Racine County

Racine has relatively high rates of excessive drinking, and there have been several recent cases of illegal drug possession with intent to deliver. Overdose deaths are on the rise, especially when related to fentanyl. Racine County has one of the highest opioid overdose rates in the state of Wisconsin.

  • Between 2014 and 2017, deaths involving fentanyl rose from two to 22. The number of deaths related to combining prescription drugs with illegal drugs also went up during this time.

  • 30 percent of people in Racine and Racine County either binge drink or drink heavily. This is higher than the percentage of people in Wisconsin (25 percent) or the United States (17 percent) who drink excessively.

  • Several Racine residents were arrested in 2018 for possession of large amounts of heroin and cocaine, including a man with 136 grams of crack cocaine. 

  • Also in 2018, two men were apprehended at a traffic stop and discovered to have over 1000 grams of methamphetamine.

There is an organization in Racine called Focus on Community that is run by volunteers and donations. One of its primary focuses is substance abuse prevention. It provides programs for elementary and high school students that educate children on safe medication, coping strategies, and life skills.

Finding The Best Treatment Program

The best treatment program is not always the closest. If you do not feel that any of the programs in Racine or nearby cities are the right fit for you, keep looking. Traveling outside of your hometown or home state may be worth it to find a program that will truly change your life.

To learn more about addiction treatment options in and around Wisconsin, reach out to one of our specialists today.

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