Top 5 Drug Rehab Centers Near Prairie Du Chien, Wisconsin

Prairie Du Chien, Wisconsin Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers

Prairie du Chien is a small city spread along the Mississippi River. Despite a few drug-related arrests in 2018, this rural area of Wisconsin seems to be sheltered from severe drug abuse and trafficking. Nevertheless, some Prairie du Chien residents may struggle with substance use, and there are two facilities in the city to help.

Gundersen Health System Behavioral Health

Gundersen is a state-wide health system that offers behavioral health services in Prairie du Chien. This facility provides outpatient addiction treatment to adults, adolescents, and children. Treatment includes individual, group, and family therapy, as well as family education.

Mayo Clinic Health System: Franciscan Healthcare

Mayo Clinic provides outpatient substance abuse services at its Prairie du Chien clinic. This consists of counseling that addresses issues related to addiction, such as coping skills, depression, anxiety, and other mental health problems. This rehab center helps teens as well as adults.

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Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers Near Prairie Du Chien

There are not many alcohol and drug rehab centers near Prairie du Chien. Its remote location puts it at quite a distance from larger Wisconsin cities that have more treatment facilities. However, La Crosse is just over an hour’s drive and may be well worth the travel time.

Both Gundersen and Mayo Clinic have locations in La Crosse that offer residential addiction treatment. Gundersen’s inpatient facility is called Unity House, while Mayo Clinic runs Gerard Hall as well as the Men’s and Women’s Recovery Houses. There is also an alcohol and drug rehab center in Dubuque, Iowa that is less than two hours from Prairie du Chien.

Unity House, La Crosse

This residential alcohol and drug rehab center serves adults who struggle with addiction. It offers counseling, therapy, and education similar to other Gundersen locations. Men and women stay in separate housing units, with eight beds in each. The limited number of residents allows for more personalized treatment and a home-like environment.

Men’s Recovery House And Women’s Recovery House, La Crosse

These Mayo Clinic Recovery Houses are gender-specific residential treatment facilities for adults. The men’s house has nine beds, and the women’s has eight, which enables more individualized care. Treatment at these facilities includes individual, group, and family therapy, recreation, socialization, and development of independent living skills.

Mercy Turning Point Treatment Center, Dubuque, Iowa

Mercy Turning Point Treatment Center is an outpatient facility for adults and adolescents. It partners with Mercy Psychiatric Services to provide treatment for co-occurring mental health disorders. It also helps individuals with issues related to addiction, such as employment, school, medical, or legal troubles.

Substance Abuse In Prairie Du Chien And Crawford County

Nearly half of Crawford County residents are unable to pay for their basic needs despite being employed. This financial strain is a risk factor for substance use disorders. Despite this, Crawford County has relatively low rates of methamphetamine presence and opioid overdoses, which are two of the most significant drug-related problems in Wisconsin.

Traveling For Treatment

Since Prairie du Chien is far from most metropolitan areas, residents may need to travel for treatment. This is not a bad thing; in fact, it can be very beneficial. Getting away from home during treatment relieves the burden of responsibility and stress that often accompanies home life. It also removes a person from the environment in which they abuse drugs or alcohol.

Traveling for treatment has the added advantage of allowing someone to compare programs rather than choose the most convenient location. There are many different types of programs and no single cure for addiction. It is essential that a person explore their options and select the rehab center that gives them the best chance at a full recovery.

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