Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers in Odanah, Wisconsin

Odanah, Wisconsin Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers

As a census-designated place with a population of 12, Odanah does not have an addiction treatment facility in its limits. Neither does the surrounding town of Sanborn. However, Ashland is only a few miles away, and has a few alcohol and drug rehab centers that serve Odanah residents.

Methamphetamine In Odanah And Ashland County

Methamphetamine is a growing problem in Ashland County, as well as other areas of Wisconsin. According to an article in Urban Milwaukee, nine out of 122 felony cases in 2011 were for meth, compared to one in every five cases in 2017. The rapidly increasing prevalence of the drug is straining the budget as the county tries to deal with associated costs.

Ashland County recently asked residents to pay higher taxes in order to offset these costs. This request refers to the expense of cleaning up meth labs, caring for children whose parents are unfit or incarcerated, and an overflowing county jail.

Odanah has been touched by this crisis just as other areas of the county have been. In fact, a man from Odanah was sentenced to 17 years in prison for trafficking methamphetamine in November 2017.

Ashland County residents refused the tax increase, leaving county officials with the difficult task of re-allocating spending to keep up with this devastating problem.

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Traveling For Addiction Treatment

Odanah residents don’t have much choice but to travel for treatment, if only to the nearby city of Ashland. But some people choose to leave the county or even the state for treatment. Getting away from home offers a fresh start and a new focus on healing. It also allows someone to explore more options and find the program that best fits their needs.

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