Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers in Mauston, Wisconsin

Mauston, Wisconsin Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers

There are alcohol and drug rehab centers in Mauston, Wisconsin and a few of the surrounding cities. Mauston is relatively close to Madison, the state capital, which offers several more options for quality treatment. These facilities provide multiple levels of care for addiction and work with individuals to create treatment plans for their needs.

Substance Abuse In Mauston And Juneau County

In January 2018, Juneau County became one of 60 counties throughout Wisconsin involved in a lawsuit against pharmaceutical companies. The lawsuit is based on the premise that drug companies marketed opioid drugs dishonestly, knowing that they were unsafe and would cause people to become addicted.

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The opioid epidemic continues to surge in Wisconsin, affecting people across the state. Juneau County is fortunate to have lower rates of overdose death by heroin and other opioids than neighboring Adams County. Still, opioids are a problem, and not the only one.

  • A drug trafficking house was discovered in Mauston in early 2018. The women who lived there was arrested and admitted to facilitating the sale of cocaine, Adderall, and marijuana.
  • Another Mauston woman was found with methamphetamine in her vehicle in July 2018.
  • Juneau County has a higher rate of death from alcohol and drug abuse than the Wisconsin state average.

Traveling For Addiction Treatment

When a person lives at home during addiction treatment, it can be difficult for them to fully engage in the recovery process. The home environment may contain triggers to substance use and allows the individual to associate with the same people they may have used drugs with.

Traveling for addiction treatment gives someone a fresh start, and a new setting often makes it easier for them to change. A willingness to travel also encourages exploration of different treatment options, leading a person to choose the best program for their needs rather than settle for the most convenient.

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