5 Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers in Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin

Fond du Lac is located on the shores of Lake Winnebago. From summer water sports to the winter Sturgeon Spectacular, from art exhibits to freshly-churned ice cream, Fond du Lac offers residents and visitors endless recreational activities. Recreation is not the only thing this city offers, however, as it is home to a variety of rehab centers to help residents overcome addiction.

The Top 4 Best Substance Abuse Facilities Offered in Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin

As one of the largest cities in Wisconsin, Fond du Lac is also home to several alcohol and drug rehab centers. The following facilities combine multiple therapies to provide comprehensive addiction treatment that is customized to individual needs.

The Blandine House, Inc.

The Blandine House is a community-based residential treatment center that helps men with substance use disorders. The inpatient drug rehab program is 90 days long, and the last 30 days may be used as a transitional period during which the resident seeks employment. The treatment combines group therapy, recreation, counseling, and goal-setting into a comprehensive treatment plan for each individual.

SSM Health: St. Agnes Hospital

St. Agnes Hospital provides both inpatient and outpatient treatment for drug and alcohol addiction. The programs are staffed with highly trained professionals, including an addictionologist and certified alcohol and other drug abuse (AODA) counselors. Inpatient care consists of individual counseling, group therapy, nutritional support, activity therapy, and 12-step meetings. Outpatient care offers treatment to adolescents and people with a dual diagnosis.

Beacon House

Beacon House is run by a nonprofit organization that offers a long-term residential program for women suffering from addiction. This program may last 90 to 120 days and is based on the 12 Steps to Recovery. Other treatment methods may include group therapy, anger management, parenting training, eating concerns, and physical activity.

ARC Community Services, Inc.

ARC has a residential treatment facility for women who are on probation in the Wisconsin Department of Corrections. The program focuses on helping women with life skills, parenting, employment, and relationships. Treatment includes substance abuse counseling, trauma education, and relapse prevention techniques. Women generally stay four to six months.

Alcohol Abuse And Drug Trafficking In Fond Du Lac

Fond du Lac was named the 12th drunkest city in America by a 2018 study. Heavy drinking is a problem in many Wisconsin cities, and Fond du Lac falls just below the state average for residents who drink excessively. Alcohol is involved in 27 percent of traffic deaths in Fond du Lac.

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Several people were arrested in Fond du Lac in 2018 for drug possession and trafficking, including these two cases:

  • A huge drug bust in Fond du Lac County in August resulted in the arrests of 16 people responsible for dealing $9.6 million worth of cocaine (127 lbs) in the area.
  • The leader of an 11-person heroin distribution ring between Chicago and Fond du Lac was caught in October.

Methamphetamine is not as common in Fond du Lac as in many other parts if Wisconsin, though there was a bit of concern at the end of 2017 about the increasing prevalence of home methamphetamine labs. Fond du Lac does have relatively high death rates related to heroin and other opioids.

Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers Near Fond Du Lac

Though Fond du Lac has numerous drug and alcohol rehab centers in its vicinity, some people prefer to get away from home during treatment. The following two addiction treatment facilities are close to Fond du Lac. They provide residential treatment and step-down levels of care to help struggling individuals achieve lasting recovery.

Nova Counseling Centers, Oshkosh

An addiction treatment program at Nova Counseling Centers begins with a month-long residential stay. Following this, residents may participate in the 90-day Terra House program. More than a sober living home, Terra House provides four stages of continued treatment to help those who need additional care. Nova also offers outpatient counseling and aftercare.

Apricity: Casa Clare And Mooring House, Appleton

Casa Clare is a gender-specific drug rehab for women, and Mooring House is for men. These two facilities offer 30-day inpatient programs that focus on group therapy and education to prevent relapse. Part of the continuum of care is transitional residential treatment, during which residents may work at an Apricity Contract Packaging facility to ease the transition back to society.

Traveling For Treatment

Choosing an addiction treatment program is one of the most important decisions someone will make. Treatment is likely to be uncomfortable because it requires a drastic life change and relearning of thoughts and behaviors. However, it should not be so uncomfortable that a person is unable to participate and grow. Finding the right fit in a drug rehab center is vital to recovery.

Traveling for treatment allows a person to examine many different programs before choosing the right one for them. It also takes them away from their familiar environment, which can be revitalizing and allow you to recenter yourself.

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