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Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers in Brown Deer, Wisconsin

Brown Deer, Wisconsin Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers

As part of Milwaukee County, Brown Deer is in an area that suffers from drug and alcohol abuse. The Milwaukee City-County Heroin, Opioid and Cocaine Task Force is working to reduce the number of drug overdose deaths and prevent substance abuse and drug trafficking.

Brown Deer helps individuals who are already struggling with addiction by providing treatment at local facilities.

Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers Near Brown Deer

Since Brown Deer is near Milwaukee, residents have access to many more addiction treatment options just a few miles away. While Brown Deer does not have an inpatient treatment facility, there are two residential alcohol and drug rehab centers in Milwaukee that offer evidence-based, gender-specific treatment.

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Drug And Alcohol Abuse In Brown Deer And Milwaukee County

The Milwaukee-Waukesha-West Allis metropolitan area was named the 20th drunkest area in the U.S. in 2018. This was determined by a 24/7 Wall Street study that took into account the number of people in the area who binge drink or drink heavily. Excessive alcohol use in Milwaukee County continues to produce more people who need treatment for substance use disorders.

Drug abuse is also a problem. The Milwaukee County Medical Examiner reports increasing rates of overdose death from cocaine, which is commonly used with other drugs like heroin or fentanyl. Heroin and fentanyl are the cause of most opioid deaths (84 percent) and most drug overdose deaths (80 percent) in the county.

Traveling For Substance Abuse Treatment

Breaking free from substance abuse and addiction takes hard work and a dedication to change. It can be difficult to change your life when everything around you stays the same. Many people benefit from leaving home during addiction treatment, living away from negative influences and distractions.

Traveling for substance abuse treatment also allows you to find the perfect program for your needs. There is no one-size-fits-all cure for addiction, and every drug and alcohol rehab center does things a little differently. The wider the range of your search, the more likely you are to find your best fit—the program that leads you to lasting recovery.

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