Top 2 Drug Rehab Centers in Welch, West Virginia

Welch, West Virginia is a small town in and the county seat of McDowell County. It is regionally recognized for being the first city in West Virginia to construct a public playground for children. It is also the birthplace of American comedian Steve Harvey.

Welch is very impoverished today, with nearly a 15 percent unemployment rate and a decrease in job growth. Community leaders are continuing to think of ways to bring jobs to Welch to improve its poor economy.

Rehab Centers In Welch, West Virginia

One rehab center is available in Welch, West Virginia. This facility has many locations throughout the state. Although the Welch office only provides outpatient services, referrals can be made to its short-term, residential program.

Southern Highlands Community Mental Health Center

Southern Highlands Community Mental Health Center meets the needs of those struggling with alcohol and drug abuse through its LEGENDS program. This program lasts for 28 days.

A treatment plan is tailored to fit the needs of every individual. Individual and group counseling, educational classes, and 12-step recovery groups empower each person to begin their journey to recovery.

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Rehab Centers Near Welch, West Virginia

There are several rehab centers near Welch for a person to choose from. Each program is designed to help a person achieve lasting recovery.

Mercer County Fellowship Home

Mercer County Fellowship Home is a residential recovery service for men recovering from alcohol and drug abuse.

This program lasts between three and 18 months depending on the needs of each person. This home provides safe, substance-free housing for men in need of a supportive environment.

Following his stay at the Fellowship Home, each man is referred to educational and vocational services to help him in his transition to independent living.

Substance Abuse In Welch And McDowell County

In McDowell County, where Welch is the county seat, overall health of the residents is very poor. Over 40 percent of McDowell County residents have fair or poor health and the economy is struggling. These factors contribute to high rates of alcohol and drug use.

  • Among McDowell County residents, there is a high occurrence of chronic liver-cirrhosis.
  • Out of every 100,000 individuals, 34.8 experience this alcohol-related illness.
  • This is the highest rate in the state of West Virginia and an overall indicator of alcohol abuse.
  • There is also a high rate of fatal drug overdoses in McDowell County.
  • In the most recent county assessment, 92.2 out of 100,000 individuals passed away from a drug overdose.
  • In 2016, this was the second-highest rate of fatal overdoses in the state.

One of the main concerns for those who are facing alcohol and drug addiction in McDowell County is that they have not been able to get the treatment they need for addiction.

The number of people who did not have access to alcohol and drug use treatment in McDowell County and Welch increased between 2010 and 2014.

Traveling For The Best Program

With only one rehab center available in Welch, the best approach to addiction treatment may be to travel to a new area.

Some people find that their hometown holds distractions while they are first trying to live substance-free. Limiting these distractions and finding a rehab program with a supportive community may help a person in recovery.

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