Top 2 Drug Rehab Centers in Parsons, West Virginia

Parsons, West Virginia is a small town in Tucker County. Having been devastated by flooding in 1985, Parsons is bracing itself for an economic return. New businesses are coming to Parsons and streets are being repaired.

Previously destroyed buildings are being restored by faithful citizens. In this city embracing rejuvenation, there is opportunity for individuals to rebuild their own lives too through addiction treatment.

Rehab Centers In Parsons, West Virginia

Those seeking addiction treatment can access services through one rehab center in Parsons, West Virginia. This facility is in the heart of the city, right on Main Street.

Appalachian Community Health Center, Inc.

Appalachian Community Health Center offers alcohol and drug treatment through its intensive outpatient program. While living in the comfort of one’s own home, individuals engage in counseling and educational classes multiple times a week for several weeks.

Recovery coaches work with each individual to craft a treatment plan that will help addiction recovery become achievable. Each plan is tailored to fit the individual’s needs.

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Rehab Centers Near Parsons, West Virginia

In addition to the rehab center available in town, there are a few rehab centers near Parsons. Each treatment program offers the tools to help a person reach and maintain abstinence.

Valley HealthCare System

Valley HealthCare System has a facility in Grafton, West Virginia that offers an intensive outpatient program. This program meets three times a week, for nine hours weekly. If a person needs a higher level of care, there are two residential programs available.

The Alpha Chemical Dependency Treatment Unit (ACT Unit) provides highly structured treatment options to men and women dealing with addiction. This facility is located in Fairmont, but a referral can be made through the Grafton office for this program.

Similarly, referrals can be made for women seeking treatment at the New Beginnings Extended Care Program. This program has a voluntary 12-week commitment phase and addresses the long-term problems that often accompany substance abuse.

Substance Abuse In Parsons And Tucker County

In Tucker County, where Parsons is the county seat, many of the factors indicating substance abuse are lower than the average rates in the state of West Virginia.

However, the poor economy in Tucker County presents a risk for substance abuse and dependence.

  • In Tucker County, 37.6 out of every 10,000 patients treated in hospitals receive an alcohol-related diagnosis.
  • Although this is one of the lowest rates in the state, residents of Tucker County report that they need better access to treatment.
  • Nearly seven percent of the population reported in the most recent county assessment that they did not have access to alcohol dependence treatment.
  • 2.6 percent of the population reported not having access to illicit drug addiction treatment.

Traveling For The Best Program

Making the decision to find a rehab center is an important one. Some people may feel inclined to choose the program closest to where they live.

Staying close to home may prove to be a distraction for some while seeking addiction treatment.

Traveling for addiction treatment can help a person not only find the program with a shorter waiting list, but it can be a chance to focus on recovery while getting away from it all.

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