Top 3 Drug Rehab Centers in Morgantown, West Virginia

Morgantown, West Virginia is one of the largest cities in West Virginia and the county seat of Monongalia County. It is also home to West Virginia University. Morgantown is bustling with life and has a daytime population of close to 70,000, which includes university students and commuters.

Morgantown is full of opportunities for aspiring business owners, as it is one of the fastest growing areas in the state, with the lowest unemployment rates in the state. Morgantown is a great place to land as a person seeks addiction treatment.

Rehab Centers In Morgantown, West Virginia

Residents and visitors in Morgantown, West Virginia have access to multiple rehab centers within the city. These rehab centers each offer different types of services, from medication-assisted treatment options to residential treatment.

United Summit Center

At United Summit Center, residents of Morgantown can complete an intensive outpatient program in six weeks while living at home. This program meets three times per week in three-hour sessions and includes individual and group therapy sessions.

Those who need additional care or do not have a strong support system at home may be referred to one of the two residential addiction treatment centers. Each of these rehab centers is a 16-bed program providing up to three months of treatment.

Valley Healthcare System

Through the New Beginnings Extended Care Program For Women, Valley Healthcare System provides long-term residential care for women experiencing substance abuse and addiction. The program addresses many of the common social issues that accompany substance abuse so that each woman feels that she is empowered to achieve recovery.

This rehab program is completely voluntary, but when women are accepted to the program, there is a 12-week commitment phase. This can be adjusted slightly depending on the needs of each woman seeking addiction treatment.

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Rehab Centers Near Morgantown, West Virginia

There are several rehab centers near Morgantown, some within 30 miles. Some of these rehab centers are across the state border in Pennsylvania.

Good Works Life Recovery House

In Uniontown, Pennsylvania, approximately 20 minutes from Morgantown, the Life Recovery House provides residential treatment to women overcoming substance abuse and addiction.

This 28-bed rehab center provides around-the-clock care and follows the 12-step approach to recovery. This is a faith-based program that incorporates spirituality in the process of addiction recovery.

Substance Abuse In Morgantown And Monongalia County

Morgantown and Monongalia County experience some of the highest rates of alcohol and drug use in the state, with some rates nearly twice the rate of the average in West Virginia.

When it comes to alcohol use and binge drinking, a recent county assessment showed that 23.7 percent of adults in Monongalia County binged when drinking alcohol in 2014. The county was ranked highest in the state for binge drinking.

Monongalia County was ranked third in West Virginia for alcohol-related diagnoses and alcohol dependence diagnoses in patients treated in local hospitals.

The number of individuals who received a drug-related diagnosis after being treated in a hospital was slightly higher than the state average. Monongalia County is ranked sixth in the state for drug-related diagnoses.

One of the growing needs in Monongalia County is addiction treatment. In the latest county assessment, 6.4 and 2.6 percent of individuals in Monongalia County indicated that they did not have access to alcohol and illicit drug dependence treatment, respectively.

Traveling For The Best Program

Morgantown is a fast growing city with multiple rehab centers available. However, a person may still wish to explore addiction treatment options in other areas.

Many rehab centers have long waiting lists. In a large city like Morgantown, the beds at residential rehab centers may fill quickly. Being open to traveling for a program may help a person find the program with a shorter waiting list.

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