Top 5 Drug Rehab Centers Near Tazewell, Virginia

As with much of this region of Virginia, Tazewell has seen its share of substance abuse and addiction. To provide care and support, local addiction treatment centers are available in and around Tazewell.

Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers In Tazewell, Virginia

For residents of Tazewell who find themselves in the fight against addiction, there is at least one drug and alcohol rehab center that can help: Cumberland Mountain Community Services Board.

Cumberland Mountain Community Services Board

The Cumberland Mountain Community Services Board’s substance abuse program offers community-based addiction treatment in Tazewell. Priority for this adults-only program is given to women who are pregnant or parenting, but all men and women are accepted. Counseling services include cognitive behavioral therapy and trauma-informed services.

Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers Near Tazewell, Virginia

If the services within Tazewell do not provide what the person with addiction needs, additional rehab centers are available in Cedar Bluff, Marion, and Bluefield and Welch, West Virginia.

Clinch Valley Treatment Center, Cedar Bluff, Virginia

Clinch Valley Treatment Center is part of Acadia Healthcare and offers medication-assisted treatment to those battling opioid addiction.

This CARF-accredited facility addresses the psychological aspects of addiction as well through group and individual counseling and therapy. Additional treatment, including residential care, is also available through the Acadia Healthcare system.

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Mount Rogers Community Services Board: Smyth Counseling Center, Marion, Virginia

The Mount Rogers Community Services Board’s Smyth Counseling Center in Marion provides outpatient counseling services in a community-based facility. This center focuses on substance abuse counseling as well as counseling for co-occurring mental health concerns. Substance abuse treatment is based on the 12-step model and services are available for adults and youth.

Mercer County Fellowship Home, Bluefield, West Virginia

Mercer County Fellowship Home in Bluefield offers a transitional living environment for adult men who are struggling with addiction. While the primary purpose of this facility is to provide a residential home, recovery services are also built into the program. Counselors are on hand at all times, and residents proceed through the 12-step program.

Southern Highlands Community Mental Health Center, Welch, West Virginia

The community-based outpatient programs at Southern Highlands Community Mental Health Center in Welch are designed to provide convenient options for those seeking addiction treatment. This facility provides medication-assisted treatment and DUI classes to those with addiction or DUI charges. Counseling is provided on an outpatient basis.

Substance Abuse In Tazewell & Tazewell County

Tazewell and Tazewell County have faced a large battle with addiction. Opioid abuse rates in the region have been particularly high, leading to a large number of addiction-related deaths.

From 2012 to 2014, Tazewell was among the top 10 counties in the region for opioid related deaths. During that time frame, the county experienced 31 deaths, or a rate of 23.52 deaths per 100,000 residents.

Addiction Treatment Outside Of Tazewell, Virginia

Addiction treatment for those living in Tazewell may not be as easy to find as in other areas. Though the region has local treatment centers, they are not always the best option for an individual’s unique needs. Sometimes traveling outside of the community provides the best opportunity for successful treatment.

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