Top 4 Drug Rehab Centers Near Surry, Virginia

In spite of Surry, Virginia’s small size, there is still a need for substance abuse treatment. While there are limited options for rehab in Surry itself, additional treatment centers can be found across the James River.

Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers In Surry, Virginia

Currently, Surry offers only one addiction treatment center within its boundaries: District 19 Community Services Board.

District 19 Community Services Board

The District 19 Community Services Board provides both mental health and substance abuse treatment to people in Surry and the surrounding area. While some services are provided by the organization’s staff members, others use contracts with private providers in the region.

Treatment programs offered by this organization focus on identifying and leveraging each individual patient’s strengths as they work toward a full recovery from addiction.

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Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers Near Surry, Virginia

Because there is only one treatment center available in Surry, many residents of this town look for additional options in Williamsburg, which requires a free ferry service across the James River.

Bacon Street Youth And Family Services, Williamsburg, Virginia

Bacon Street Youth and Family Services offers a range of services to young people who are dealing with substance use disorders. Some of the services available from this organization include assessments, individual counseling, family counseling, and group therapy.

This organization uses an evidence-based approach based on motivational interviewing in the treatment of addiction. If necessary, some patients may be referred to other organizations or facilities for additional services.

Colonial Behavioral Health, Williamsburg, Virginia

Colonial Behavioral Health is a full-service addiction treatment provider that offers several different programs for adults and adolescents struggling with substance abuse.

Some of the programs available from Colonial Behavioral Health include a residential treatment program, intensive outpatient treatment, standard outpatient services, and specialized services for pregnant women. Medication-assisted treatment is also available.

Farley Center, Williamsburg, Virginia

The Farley Center is a rehab center that offers assessments, inpatient detox, partial hospitalization, and an intensive outpatient treatment program. All programs at this facility are based on the 12-step approach to addiction recovery.

The Farley Center believes that every patient has different needs when undergoing addiction treatment. For this reason, every treatment plan is customized for the patient’s specific requirements.

Substance Abuse In Surry & Surry County

Surry County has a relatively low incidence of substance abuse-related problems. In fact, according to the Virginia Department of Health, there were no overdose deaths recorded in Surry County during 2016.

However, because of Surry’s small size, these statistics don’t adequately reflect the issue of substance abuse in the area, and many people are still in need of treatment. To learn more about treatment available across Virginia and other states in the region, please contact

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