Top 6 Drug Rehab Centers in Lynchburg, Virginia

In spite of Lynchburg’s rich history and breathtaking landscape, it still experiences a significant amount of substance abuse. Residents of this city can find plenty of substance use disorder treatment options in Lynchburg itself, as well as in nearby communities.

Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers In Lynchburg, Virginia

Several rehab centers are available within the boundaries of Lynchburg, which feature intensive outpatient programs, medication-assisted treatment, and gender-specific residential care.

Horizon Behavioral Health

Horizon Behavioral Health provides addiction treatment services for patients throughout Lynchburg and the surrounding area. This facility offers standard outpatient and intensive outpatient treatment services.

Horizon Behavioral Health also operates a residential treatment facility for women in Lynchburg. Patients enrolled in treatment programs at this facility will participate in individual therapy, peer counseling, group therapy, meditation, and physical wellness activities.

Lynchburg Comprehensive Treatment Center

The Lynchburg Comprehensive Treatment Center is part of the Central Virginia Comprehensive Treatment Centers network. The treatment program at this facility is designed for adults who have addictions to opioids.

The Lynchburg Comprehensive Treatment Center provides medication-assisted treatment, which means that patients receive medications to help them deal with cravings and withdrawal symptoms during the recovery process.

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Pathways Intensive Outpatient

Pathways Intensive Outpatient is a treatment facility operated by Centra Addiction and Recovery Services. At this facility, patients can participate in two different levels of outpatient care based on their needs. This facility also houses a medical stabilization unit, where patients can undergo medically supervised stabilization from alcohol and/or drugs.

Addiction Allies

Addiction Allies is another treatment option available to patients in Lynchburg. This facility provides outpatient treatment for patients addicted to drugs or alcohol. Every patient who enrolls in treatment with Addiction Allies will receive a comprehensive, individualized treatment plan that may include counseling, education, and medication.

Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers Near Lynchburg, Virginia

Although there are several rehab centers available within the boundaries of Lynchburg, some people still choose to look for treatment in other areas like Amherst.

Pathways Recovery Lodge, Amherst, Virginia

Located in nearby Amherst, Pathways Recovery Lodge is another facility operated by Centra Addiction & Recovery Services. This facility offers residential treatment services for patients with substance use disorders. Pathways Recovery Lodge is situated on 100 tranquil acres to give patients a calm, private environment in which to recover.

Amherst Wellness Center, Amherst, Virginia

Amherst Wellness Center is operated by Horizon Behavioral Health and located in Amherst, which is only 15 miles from Lynchburg. This facility provides outpatient treatment to patients with addictions to alcohol or drugs. Amherst Wellness Center accepts most types of insurance.

Substance Abuse In the City Of Lynchburg

Substance abuse is a problem throughout the state of Virginia, and the independent city of Lynchburg is no exception. According to the Virginia Department of Health, there were a total of six drug overdose deaths in this city during 2016.

How To Find Addiction Treatment Outside Of Lynchburg, Virginia

When choosing a rehab center, the quality of treatment should always be your top priority, not the location of the facility. To learn more about how to find and compare various addiction treatment options available outside of Lynchburg, please contact today.

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