Top 4 Drug Rehab Centers in Barre, Vermont

Barre is a modern, but small community. Like much of the region, the city is full of history and upper-class living. Home to about 9,000 people, it is also a part of the Barre and Montpelier metro area, which is home to over 60,000 people.

Even in this community, drug and alcohol addiction can be a concern. For those living with it, finding help from a trusted rehab center is essential. There are a few options for addiction treatment in the community and surrounding area.

Rehab Centers In Barre, Vermont

Barre itself is not home to any specific programs for drug and alcohol abuse. Because the community is very small, individuals can reach out to treatment centers in the metro area, including these locations:

BAART, Baymark Health Services

This location is perhaps one of the most sought-after addiction treatment centers in the Montpelier area. It has operated since 1977 providing evidence-based opioid treatment. Patient-centered treatment is the focus at this location, which sits in a modern medical building. The location offers medication-assisted treatment with integrated medical care and mental health services.

Washington County Youth Service Bureau

Another Montpelier location, the Washington County Youth Service Bureau is a boys and girls club. It provides independent support for teens and young adults. Most of its programs focus on prevention.

It also offers outpatient treatment and aftercare services in a Healthy Youth Program for substance abuse treatment. When needed, this program can help connect individuals under the age of 25 with intensive outpatient, inpatient residential, and other types of addiction care.

Rehab Centers Near Barre, Vermont

As noted, Barre is quite small with limited addiction treatment options nearby. However, a few other locations exist in the state that can meet specific goals. Consider these locations:

Clara Martin Center Substance Abuse Treatment Unit

The Clara Martin Center has over 50 years of experience in a residential-like setting for individuals who need care. The location is set in a natural, beautiful area, and focuses on whole-body healing with outpatient services, intensive outpatient programs, and weekend care. It also offers Safe Haven support for those in need. The community-oriented program is friendly and welcoming, designed to be holistic-based.

Valley Vista

Valley Vista is in Bradford. The location has been recognized for its care with all types of substance use disorders. It treats co-occurring mental health issues as well, and offers a strong prevention program, sober living support, and spiritual programs.

Valley Vista provides an inpatient program for men and women, as well as a separate option for young adults. These programs include medically supervised detox services and full mental health services. Individuals also receive outpatient care and aftercare support as they work through recovery.

Substance Abuse In Barre And Washington County, Vermont

Barre and surrounding areas have a wide range of addiction treatment programs to assist those in need. But, many don’t realize the scope of drug and alcohol abuse concerns here. Consider these facts:

  • Opioids are the most concerning drug of abuse here. In 2017, 33 people died in this metro area as a result of an opioid overdose.
  • Drug-related fatalities occur in 9 percent of all overdoses in Washington County.

Traveling For The Best Program

Finding the very best addiction treatment you may mean traveling outside of Barre and the Washington County area. The best location with the care right for your situation may be found at an alcohol or drug rehab center elsewhere in Vermont. For more information about addiction treatment centers in Vermont, contact a treatment specialist or our team today. - Alcohol & Drug Abuse - Drug-Related Fatalities Among Vermonters

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