Top 5 Drug Rehab Centers in Midvale, Utah

Midvale is a city in Salt Lake County, Utah with a population of roughly 33,000 individuals. Midvale is a mid-sized city that is a very urban area with many families, parks, and outdoor recreational opportunities.

Midvale, Utah Drug And Alcohol Rehab Centers

Individuals struggling with drug and alcohol abuse or addiction in Midvale may need to travel outside their immediate surrounding to receive the help they need. There are a few rehab centers located in Midvale, but they may not be the right solution for everyone. The following are rehab centers in and around the Midvale area.

Highland Ridge Hospital

The rehabilitation program at Highland Ridge Hospital offers inpatient and partial hospitalization options for individuals struggling with substance abuse and addiction. This program focuses on a wide range of factors that can affect someone’s desire to misuse drugs and alcohol. This facility believes that a successful recovery from drug and alcohol addiction often requires professional medical attention in a high-quality environment.

Next Level Recovery

Next Level Recovery offers alcohol and drug rehab, treatment, and mental health counseling. This facility works by creating a customized treatment plan to help individuals with mental wellness or to get and stay sober while maintaining life, work, and family responsibilities. Built with a “whole-life” approach, the recovery process at Next Level includes relationships, career, health and psychological well-being.

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The Phoenix Recovery & Counseling Centers

With locations in Riverdale, Orem, and Draper, Utah, this facility is only a short distance from Midvale and provides well-reviewed addiction recovery services. After receiving a standardized assessment, individuals are placed in the most effective level of care based on that assessment. Each level of care provides a unique and tailored blend of therapy and experiences to help stabilize and influence sustainable chance and prevent relapse.

Pomarri Recovery

A short distance away from Midvale, in Orem, Pomarri Recovery offers outpatient treatment for individuals who need to continue to work and live at home while enrolled in addiction treatment. One of the core beliefs at Pomarri is that recovery shouldn’t interfere with an individual’s work or professional schedule, and it should always be affordable. Pomarri offers a wide range of outpatient programs including all the most commonly abused substances and drug detox programs.

James Masons Centers For Recovery

James Mason’s Centers For Recovery (JMCR) was built to offer teens and their families a solution, healing, and a new beginning. JMCR offers various treatment approaches including day treatment and IOP group, individual and family therapy, evidence-based programming, parent support, and education, as well as alumni groups.

Substances Abuse Issues In Midvale And Salt Lake County, Utah

Although Midvale is a small town, it is still affected by substance abuse issues that have impacted the state as a whole. Like the rest of the state, Midvale struggles specifically with prescription opioid abuse. Between 2013 and 2014, Salt Lake County, where Midvale is located, had 623 opioid-related emergency department visits. Second only to Salt Lake County.

This issue has become so common that Salt Lake County joined other counties throughout the state in a federal lawsuit against major opioid manufacturers and distributors. In Utah, more people died of a drug overdose than those who died from firearms, falls, or car accidents statewide.

Finding The Right Drug And Alcohol Rehab Center In Midvale, Utah

Enrolling in a rehab center is a huge step towards addiction recovery, and finding the right program is essential to that recovery’ success. Some people may do better in an outpatient setting where they can continue to live and work at home, while others may benefit more from an inpatient program that offers more day-to-day support to start. To learn more about finding drug and alcohol addiction in Midvale, contact an addiction specialist today.

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