Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers in Garden City, Utah

A popular summer resort town, Garden City has been nicknamed  “the Caribbean of the Rockies.” With a small population count of roughly 580 people in 2010, this city may seem small but has a lot to offer. Closely located to the Logan Canyon Scenic Byway and the shores of Bear Lake State Park, Garden City is easily one of the best getaways in northern Utah. 

Garden City, Utah Drug And Alcohol Rehab Centers 

Each season leads its characteristics to Garden City, which is a year-round attraction. Due to its smaller size, it is most likely that individuals who struggle with substance abuse will need to travel to receive or participation in addiction treatment, and that is okay. 

Addiction can take over an individual's life, and sometimes traveling to a treatment program to take back that control is necessary and, in some cases, healthy because it exposes the individual to a new environment. Drug and alcohol rehab centers around the Garden City area include: 

Bear River Health Department Division of Substance Abuse 

To address the growing addiction issues in Utah, the Bear River Health Department developed a substance abuse division that works with members of the community to treat and address the unique needs of each individual. Services like family support and education, outpatient treatment, and an intensive outpatient program are all offered through this expansion of the health department. 

Serenity House 

Serenity House is a non-profit organization that provides substance use disorder treatment, education, and prevention services throughout the state since the 1950s. Serenity House works specifically with women who are struggling with substance abuse issues and may also be pregnant or working with children. This treatment facility has locations throughout Utah which offer residential treatment programs for women. 

Weber Human Services 

Through the Weber Human Services Department, individuals can receive help with substance abuse and addiction. Treatment option offered at this facility is an evidence-based cognitive behavioral format that emphasize personal accountability. There are also random drug screenings and twelve-step or other community-based support groups. 


Metamorphosis in Ogden is an opioid recovery center that focuses on comprehensive and continuous recovery from opiate dependency. Since 1998, Metamorphosis has worked to provide comprehensive treatment that can provide the best chance of lasting opioid treatment and rehabilitation.

Substance Abuse In Garden City And Rich County 

The primary substance of abuse in Garden City and Rich County is alcohol. Most people who struggle with alcohol abuse have a habit of convincing themselves that there isn’t a problem or that they are still in complete control. However, in many cases, this isn’t true. Formal addiction treatment can be the only way to stop using alcohol for some people.

Other substances of abuse in the area include methamphetamine, heroin, and other opiates. Prescription opioids have been a significant issue in Utah since the early 2000s. Opioid-related overdose deaths now outpace deaths due to firearms, falls, and motor vehicle accidents. 

Finding The Right Addiction Treatment 

Due to its small size, individuals in Garden City will almost certainly have to travel to participate in a substance abuse treatment program. Whether it is an outpatient or an inpatient program, Garden City residents are more likely to overcome their addiction if they choose to enroll in a formal addiction facility.

Finding a program that fits the needs of the addicted individual can significantly impact the success of the treatment outcome. People who attempt to stop using substances on their own are much more likely to relapse, which can potentially worsen their problem. Learn more about finding the right substance abuse and addiction treatment by calling an addiction specialist today. 

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