Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers in Blanding, Utah

Surrounded by state, tribal, and national parks, Blanding is a non-stop adventure. The center of the newly formed Bear Ears National Monument, this city has many natural wonders to explore. With a population of roughly 3,500, this city may be small but offers the perfect base camp for individuals looking to explore San Juan County, Utah.

Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers In Blanding, Utah 

Individuals looking for alcohol or drug rehabilitation services may not feel like they have access to the care they need, as the region is severely lacking in addiction treatment centers. In 2016, 694 adults 18 years and older reported requiring treatment and only 63 received it. The following is the only substance abuse treatment facility in the county. 

San Juan Counseling Center 

San Juan Counseling Center offers outpatient mental health and substance abuse counseling for those who need it. This center focuses more on the mental health aspects that often accompany addiction such as depression, anxiety, past trauma, and others.

The services offered at San Juan Counseling Center are targeted to individuals who have experienced long-term and debilitating mental illness. In rare cases, residential and inpatient treatment options may be available. However, because inpatient services are more intensive, they are designed only to help a limited number of people at one time. 

This facility also works with various legal matters such as individuals who have DUI (driving under the influence) and court-ordered treatment. In addition to working with adults, this rehab center also works with adolescents who may be suffering from a substance use disorder. 

Any individual can be referred to San Juan Counseling for substance abuse or mental health-related issues. 

Drug And Alcohol Treatment Outside Of Blanding, Utah 

The following rehab centers are located outside of Blanding. However, it is important to note that proper addiction treatment that suits an individual's needs is essential and worth traveling for. 

The Phoenix Recovery & Counseling Centers 

The Phoenix Recovery Center of Utah is driven by a simple mission, to empower individuals and families suffering from addiction and mental health disorders, and celebrate life though long-lasting solutions. 

Here recovery starts with an inpatient stay and continues into a day program, intensive outpatient programs, or a general outpatient program. Individuals enter and progress through various treatment types depending on need and personal healing. 

Deer Hollow Recovery & Wellness Center 

This rehab center serves not only individuals who struggle with substance abuse and addiction but also those who have issues such as PTSD. With a trauma-focused therapy, each clinician at the practice is certified in eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR), a new evidence-based therapeutic treatment. 

Deer Hollow offers a welcoming, co-ed residential treatment center in Brighton, UT. Sitting that the foothills of Brighton ski resort just off the shore of Silver Lake, the Lakeside House is sure to provide a tranquil and healing atmosphere. 

Substance Abuse In San Juan County, Utah 

Although substance abuse is not as prevalent in San Juan as it is in the remainder of the state, it is still an issue. Alcohol and opioids remain the top two substance of abuse throughout the state. While individuals admitted to substance use treatment continue to report alcohol as their primary substance of use at 25.8 percent, opioids ranked as the first drug of choice at 29.1 percent.

Research data indicates that individuals age 45 to 64 were more likely to abuse alcohol, while individuals ages 25 to 44 were more likely to abuse opioids. 

Choosing The Right Alcohol And Drug Abuse Treatment

Living out of reach of proper addiction treatment can be frustrating. However, receiving customized addiction treatment can mean the difference between living a substance-free life or letting substance abuse run life for you. Traveling for addiction treatment is okay. 

In some cases, it can increase the likelihood of successful recovery because it completely removes the individual from their environment and forces them to look inside themselves for a solution. For more information on how to choose the right alcohol or drug abuse treatment, contact today.

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