Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers in Van Alstyne, Texas

With a population of 3,221, Van Alstyne, Texas offers quintessential small-town charm. As someone with addiction searching for treatment, this is a great opportunity. Small-town life has fewer distractions and temptations of the big city. Whether you are traveling to Van Alstyne for treatment or currently live in this Texas town, here are your options for alcohol and drug rehab centers.

Rehab Centers In Van Alstyne, Texas

Van Alstyne has a limited number of businesses in town, and there is only one addiction treatment facility within the city limits. However, this is a well-designed facility that offers several services for patients.

Enterhealth Ranch

Enterhealth Ranch has been providing addiction treatment in Van Alstyne since 2008. Rather than the 12-step method, this facility uses the National Institutes of Health addiction disease management model.

This incorporates several treatment types including outpatient care, detox, medical issue management, and sober peer support via AA and SMART. Enterhealth Ranch is situated on a secluded 43 acres to ensure a focus on overall patient health and wellness during treatment.

Rehab Centers Near Van Alstyne, Texas

Van Alstyne is part of the Sherman-Denison metro area, located just north of the Dallas-Fort-Worth metro area. This greatly increases the number of facilities you can choose from for addiction treatment, including the following alcohol and drug rehab centers.

Addiction Treatment Resources

Located in McKinney, Addiction Treatment Resources offers substance abuse evaluations for intakes via open appointments. Treatment programs include supportive outpatient groups, intensive outpatient groups, and individualized treatment programs. Other group classes scheduled throughout the year offer theft intervention, corrective thinking, marijuana intervention, and moral recognition therapy.

The treatment center provides all services bilingually in English and Spanish. As this treatment facility is an outpatient service provider, there is no on-campus housing or accommodations at Addiction Treatment Resources.


GraceToChange is also located in McKinney. Here, you have two treatment options: outpatient treatment and sober living. The outpatient programs include individual counseling, intensive outpatient, and supportive outpatient care. 

GraceToChange also conducts onsite drug screening including hair follicle analysis. The sober living facility is based in a tiny house community. Houses provide residents with housing while they attend addiction treatment programs.

Lakes Regional Community Center

The Lakes Regional Community Center offers the LRCC Substance Use program in Sherman for teens and adults who are struggling with alcohol or drug dependency. Substance abuse treatment includes supportive outpatient programs, as well as intensive outpatient treatment.

In addition, treatment includes group therapy sessions. The facility provides drug screening and intake evaluations. For patients admitted into the program, drug education classes are also available.

Substance Abuse In Van Alstyne And Grayson And Collin Counties

North Texas, which includes Van Alstyne and Grayson and Collin counties, is dealing with drug abuse and addiction in vast numbers:

  • There were 1,479 pounds of marijuana intercepted in North Texas in June 2018.

  • That same month five pounds of cocaine, 61 pounds of meth, and nine pounds of heroin were taken in police raids.

Drug addiction and substance abuse are predominant in this region of Texas. As a result, rehab center providers are increasing services to meet these growing needs. People with substance use disorders (drug abuse, addiction, or dependence) can benefit from drug and alcohol treatment facilities that are well-equipped for addiction treatment.

Traveling For the Best Program

As you consider how to find addiction treatment near you, think outside the box to Van Alstyne, Texas. Contact us today to learn more about finding the right alcohol and drug rehab centers in northern Texas for you.

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