Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers in Tomball, Texas

A city located in Harris County and part of the Houston metropolitan area, Tomball is where business, education, lifestyle, and transportation meet. With a population of just under 11,000 people, the city is mostly peaceful and quiet. 

Residents can enjoy affordable housing, low taxes, and numerous job opportunities. The culture and entertainment that Tomball offers also keep attracting people to the city. However, the small city struggles under the weight of substance use disorders.

Rehab Centers In Tomball, Texas

Tomball has one treatment facility that offers hope to people suffering from addiction. Residents here are able to access quality care without having to travel far.

Counseling And Recovery Services

With experienced and caring physicians as well as state-of-the-art facilities, CARS offers private, confidential and secure addiction treatment programs. The programs are personalized, making it possible for people suffering from substance use disorders to abstain from using substances and regain control over their lives. In case the rehab center cannot meet the needs of an individual patient effectively, staff will recommend a service provider who is more suited to do so.

Rehab Centers Near Tomball, Texas

For those who need more specialized care, there are a number of rehab centers near Tomball. Here are some of the facilities families can consider as they seek treatment for themselves or their loved ones.

Lone Star Behavioral Health

Located in Cypress, not far from Tomball, this rehab center relies on dedicated and experienced staff to offer medically supervised detox treatment and residential rehab. The center has beautiful and quiet campuses, providing the kind of environment patients need to receive treatment and change their lives without being judged or condemned.

Conroe Treatment And Recovery Center

This medication-assisted treatment facility is located in Conroe and has a sister facility in Huntsville. The rehab center boasts an interdisciplinary treatment team that helps patients overcome addiction and have a new beginning. The treatment program also has emergency services for those who need urgent assistance outside normal operating hours. By the time patients leave this facility, they have the right tools to help them live free of illicit substances.

Cheyenne Center Inc. Residential Services 

Cheyenne Center Inc. in Houston offers intensive residential services and extended residential services. The rehab programs are designed to ensure full recovery of the person battling addiction as well as their family. Besides individual, group, and family therapy, patients will benefit from other treatment components, such as meditation, exercise, and good nutrition.

Substance Abuse In Tomball And Harris County

Substance abuse trends and treatment rates in the Tomball and Houston area indicate that this could be a bigger problem than most people imagine.

  • In 2016, a total of 472 pounds of illicit drugs were seized in Harris County.

  • On average, close to 490,000 people aged 12 and above consumed illicit drugs in Houston in 2016 alone.

  • Cocaine was the biggest contributor to drug-related deaths and overdoses in Harris County in 2016. The number of deaths stood at 205. 

  • Methamphetamine overdoses led to 84 deaths in the county in 2016.

Traveling For The Best Program

As you search for the best treatment program for your loved one, there is a chance that those offered in Tomball will not meet the needs of the person suffering from addiction. This is why you should consider traveling to neighboring towns and cities in search of quality treatment. If you would like to learn more about treatment in Texas, contact a treatment specialist today.

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